Your military spiritual home?


Everyone has one, even if they did 10 minutes at a depot!

After a million years mine must be Tidworth!

Whats yours, dont think to long- it will just come to you!
JHQ, after 5 postings there and Wildenrath too !
Hohne ( first time abroad, first love, first std, first proper mates )
Bovington Camp Dorset, Home of the Royal Armoured Corps, I live in Poole on 15 miles away and I still get a tingle every time I go to Bovvy.
South Cerney - Just about all of my "firsts" happened there or on tour from there.
Warminster and that end of SPTA - where it all really started - and then kept going......
Lisburn - my spritual home - particularly blackbush and vodka
Obernkirchen! Got to be! It was only eight clicks from the fabled BMH Rinteln. And yes, we once got a busload (they were in four jam-jars actually, but still) of the nurses to come to one of our Crimble knees-ups! Marvellous times indeed.


Edited coz I'm a crap speller! :D :D :D


Sennelager. For the exact same reasons as Bomb Mac likes Hohne. I love the place, so much so I am looking to buy a flat in the Paderborn/Schloss Neuhaus area this year.
Singleton (Australia) - IET at Depot Company, Mortars course, just about every ex had a stop there too. Got to know those ranges well.

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