Your Mess traditions.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Brew_Time, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. One of our RSMs (real great guy) donated a pocket watch officially called "The Mess Watch". Who ever was the last to leave the mess after a function got the watch untill the next function. However, the watch had to be carried on the person at all times. If another Mess Member asked the guy with the watch to produce it and couldn't - than a round of drinks had to be bought by that guy at the next function.

    There were always the last half dozen who wanted to claim "The Watch" after every function. It was a much sought after piece of kit after functions. I think I was the permanent owner.

    Anyone else got any traditions - official or unofficial.

    BT. :D
  2. I traditionally wet myself, get into a fight and do the walk of shame to see the badge on a Monday morning.
  3. As a rule of thumb, after every mess do I've been to, the Port Fairy lifts me from the mess and deposits me in my pit so I have no recollection of leaving the Mess or at what time.

    The Port Fairy sometimes swaps shifts with the Vodka Fairy though. I'm dreading the day the Sambuca Fairy decides to step in...
  4. We once had an RSM(Great bloke) who would call an "Happy Hour" on certain Friday afternoons starting at 1600. Then he would decree particular types of dress such as your left trouser leg rolled or some hilarious things like that.
    This had to be done on entering the mess and those failing to do so would pay the penalty of paying for a round of drinks from the "optics" working along left to right. You would end up pretty p*ssed within a couple of hours, but it was a bloody great laugh. (Would get home about 0300).

    One day he decided that those attending would require to wear a black eye patch, (I have never seen so many ingenious methods to make an eye patch - masking type in abundance).

    His downfall was, that he had forgot that he had invited our CO in for a drink, who actually wore a real eye patch due to an accident quite early in his career. When he turned up, lets just say it went very quiet with an invitation for the RSM to be in his office Monday morning.(I think the CO eventually did see the funny side, as he was another great bloke).

    This same guy, rather than give you extras for leaving the table (ie toilet)during dinners, applied the rule that if caught you would buy an item such as silver wine goblets, placemats etc which would be inscribed with your name and placed in front of you during mess dinners.

    Over the years I donated several items such as 2xsilver goblets, placemats, silver KFS, a decanter, and on my dining out a mess table.
    I was a bit crafty with the decanter as I knew I would not have to wait for the port to get round as it was always put in front of me.

    Great days, love to have them back!
  5. All Mess member are expected to wear a Regtl pin out of sight (eg, in the rim of the beret or on the inside of a jacket.

    If challenged by another Mess member and found to be without a pin, a round of drinks must be bought. If the person challenged can display a pin, then the challenger buys.
  6. One of the messes I used to frequent a long way South of here had a huge bottle of Bundy rum , wrapped in black maskers set up in one of the optics . Rum from the bottle was free unless you took the last nip , at which point you bought the bottle . Sort of Russian Roulette with rum, only safe time for a drink was immediately after someone had "won the jackpot" so to speak. When the bottle had been up for a while, blokes would hang around like seagulls in a KFC carpark hoping a visitor would chance their arm .
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Our RSM would ring round the WO/ SNCO's in the unit and call a "Board Meeting", which all OC's would acknowledge and watch us, unknowingly, trot to the Mess for a game of Risk. The stake would be a bottle of Port each and would result in some younger Sgt's getting into a rare state. Great education and still spoken of in hushed tones. The afore-mentioned RSM is now a much calmer Major! Great Mess, great times.
  8. i know of one mess where all members had to carry a small brass pig, if caught without one at any time including the showers you had to buy a round, dont know if they still do it.
  9. Bundy...........What a drink.

    Im looking at mine now but doesnt taste quite the same when its chucking it down outside.

    I too have seen that sort of thing done but with a bottle of port in a case.