Your local bobby, sponsored by your local?

Pubs, Supermarkets & private businesses are being asked to sponsor Britian's army of auxiliary police as part of a drive to put a policing team min every neighbourhood.

High Street businesses that provide funds for Police Community Support Officers would receive publicity & could have their logo on uniforms!!.

Can you imagine it, on the back of the PCSO's high viz jacket. "Community Support Metropolitan Police" Sponsored by the Dog & Duck Pub!!

The Police "This excludes PSCO's in my opinion" are representatives of the state & order. Not a public relations opportunity for business.
This is stupid. Picture the scene:

"look the other way while these underage kids drink, mate. Else you'll lose your sponsorship".
StabTiffy2B said:
This is stupid. Picture the scene:

"look the other way while these underage kids drink, mate. Else you'll lose your sponsorship".
A chap at the Center from Crime & Studies has raised a similar point to yours:

This raises serious questions about the independence of the police & their ability to investigate those who might sponsor them
Local bobbies funded from businesses....why, we all pay Council tax and Income tax already for the police. Why should we shell out more of our hard earned cash just because this government can't do its sums right. Up here is Scotland the councillors will be putting to the Scottish Parliament that all councillors should be given salaries and allowances similar to MSP's and MP's. Time for a change of government I say. :x
Only a matter of ime before the mega-corps are allowed -i.e. pay New Labour enough money - to field their own security forces with full police powers.
"On Tesco property...I AM THE LAW!"


War Hero
Similar to the above, obviously the sponsers will want the CSO's to patrol around their property most, thus leading to the situation where the wealthier businesses are scanned 24/7 and the poor crime-ridden arcades are bobby-free...

On a lighter note, if more sponserhip gets more bobbies, can we expect to park up in Tescos next to the Chally 2 on trolley duty, pass by the Patriots near the coin-op noddy Car, whilst two JSF do a patrol pattern overhead? :D
I was in the states recently and saw an article on Fox News that showed a local policeforce getting sponsor ship for new cars. The logos were very small at the back of the cars not on the uniforms and there companies allowed to sponsor was heavily vetted.

The local officers were happy because they had new kit and didn't feel compromised although all of them thought they would before it happened.

However the journo was am I for the reasons above regarding independence of the police.

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