Your last meal if you were on Death Row ?


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Whatever the fuck I fancied when I clocked off my shift. Then I'd top myself since being a Texas prison guard would mean the Baby Jesus hated me.
A thick crust of stoneground wholemeal bread smathered in salted butter and a double smearing of Marmite washed down with a mug of hot sweet Earl Grey, no milk, then the fuckers can inject or throw the switch of shout Fire or whatever else it is they do to get a stonker on, fucking titheads, just feed the guy, he,ll soon be voiding it anyway to feed the Wardens Hawgs.
You forgot the Holland's Steak and Kidney pudding.
A fine choice by that man!

Hollands pudding, chips, peas and gravy. Served in a tray, loads of salt and vnigar, a can of Dandilion and Burdock. I would even insist on a plastic fork (not the free ones) the larger posh ones they charge an extra 5p for.......................
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