Your last day in the Regiment..A big let down?

Haven't read all of the posts so forgive me if I am repeating, but it was once said to me that leaving the Army is like taking your hand out of a bucket of water.

It causes a few ripples during the first few momenets but then everything closes around it and goes back to normal.

I had the same when I handed my MOD 90 in, what did you expect?
Aunty, you had shagged the RSMs wife and mother in law plus popped your hand down the CO's daughters undercrackers. Did you really expect the man to 'challenge you to some bare bum boxing' just for a larf? I feel you got off lightly.

Although the former COs daughter has been asking about the paternal qulaities of at least one of her sproggs. Shes undecided as her front box had a sperm count equating to a pimps convention. Although Id ask you to tell him that whilst keeping a straight face! Interbreeding has never been so good!

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