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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by the_eiger, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Riding the momentum of finding Donkin's literary masterpeice, I encountered an article published today about a man with an interesting service hitsory.

    He may be gen, so I don't want to post a link to (the various) websites where he lists his accomplishments and dates. I'll list some of his details, and if the consensus deems that it requires further investigation, I will post links.

    -Claims 5.5 years service with Para Reg, RM and SF
    -Claims to have passed 'Hills' in 2000, and had left the army by 2001
    -Claims to have been studying part time and 'training for various elements of SF' during 2001
    -Claims to have suffered an horrendous injury in a remote area on his own and spent 4 days recovering himself to safety. The injury should mean he can't walk, or even move, and should often often cause fatal internal bleeding.
    -Set up a company littered with SAS comments and badges
  2. This isn't how the Waltenkommando works at all. You're supposed to post every little detail, denounce him as a definite walt and then sit back & watch the inevitable pissing contests.
  3. Oh dear.................................!
  4. Bad form, I know. I just can't bring myself to be an utter cnut; try as I might.
  5. You seem to manage it just fine most of the time! =-D
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  6. I would think that being Para, RM and SF in 5.5 years would be the giveaway.
  7. Depends on the order doesn't is, 4 years as RM then transferring to 1Para would be enough for some people to claim all of the above.
  8. Were 1 para around in 2000?
  9. I missed the dates. And they were, but im not sure sfsg was created.
  10. Feel better now?
  11. do you really want my input? really?