Your Heroes?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. I was just musing over people who have impressed me and was wondering who some of you look up to..

    For me its the guy who figured out if you plop some whipped cream on top and sprinkle it with cinnamon dust you can charge 10 times what its worth for a coffee and everyone lines up for it.

    Then there's the chap who came up with butt floss and convinced women all over the world that sticking string up their behinds on a beach was the height of fashion AND charging ten times the price of an ordinary bathing suit for it and getting it!
  2. Rupert the bear.
  3. Who ever thought "i wonder what nut that is in that poo" and is now selling it for 100quid a bag ,as the best coffee ever!!!!!
  4. Chunk from the Goonies
    Mr Ginsters

  5. The bloke who invented Toblerone. Ally as fcuk.
  6. MDN heart of gold and a mind of pure filth!
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    DCI Gene Hunt

    Seriously tho,
    My late Father & all our lads & lassies out in sandy place's fighting & laying down their lives for us.They are the heroes!
  8. My late Father & all our lads & lassies out in sandy place's fighting & laying down their lives for us.They are the heroes![/quote]

    they're certainly mine
  9. My hero is my Grandad, he's a WWII vet and he was burried alive and lived 3 days untill he was found, but now he has had a stroke and a quad heart bypass and he's still fighting on strong, telling my nan whats what. i can only wish i could be half as strong as that man. when i pass out it will be be for him, and every other man and woman who has put down their lives in the armed forces, Queen and country my ARRSE. Do it for your heros and the man next to you.
  10. Pot Noodle the slag of all snacks
  11. Anyone who takes the shilling, dons the DPM and stands on the wall.

    Most people do not/will not ever know how much they owe to the men and women like us.
  12. Watched a porno where one woman took 2 large cocks in her wrong'un .

    She probably now wears a nappy judging by the state of her arrse after, but she bravely provided w4nking material for thousands.
  13. on a weekly basis, I salute the genius who stuck a huge dod of meat on a spike and invented the donner bebab
  14. Peter Sutcliffe

    I owe him a lifetime of thanks for making me snigger every time I look in my tool box
  15. Stella Artois, Belgian bint, makes me extremely randy and harder than I actually am.