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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ArmedForcesResearch, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Dear all current serving personnel,

    I am currently conducting research on the Armed Forces having left back in 2005 an ex AvTech. My research will evaluate the level commitment with relation to leadership and organisational climate.

    I am studying an MSc in Occupational Psychology (studying at the U of Gloucestershire) and thus am looking for willing (only willing) participants to complete a short questionnaire. It is certainly not funded by anyone (although I have used my ELCAS allowance to pay £1000 towards the course). It is purely for my benefit and for the benefit of completing my course.

    So little research has been done in this field and with your help I will be contributing to this area.

    I also know that the MoD get you to do these things all the time; I can however promise that this has far less questions and will take a whole lot less of your time - and as you will see can't be tracked back to you.

    I also promise to keep you all updated with the progress!

    Visit or click the following link Research Link to participate.

    Of course you may contact me by email provided on the survey page.

    The research does not infringe on the guidelines to be submitted before an MoD ethics committee - in addition however the university required it to pass their ethics board.Research Link to participate.
  2. Thank you to those who have so far participated, it is appreciated.
  3. 4. Even if the firm were not doing well financially, I would be reluctant to change to another employer

    a. No, I strongly disagree
    b. No, I disagree quite a lot
    c. No, I disagree just a little
    d. I’m not sure
    e. Yes, I agree just a little
    f. Yes, I agree quite a lot
    g. Yes, I strongly agree

    Escuse me for being picky, have you sought agreement first from the MODS before posting, and having had a quick look through your survey, the above question seems a little unusual, or not well informed. It's almost like the question has been pulled from a previous survey/poll. I don't ever remember my job being under threat or thinking about leaving because the government was suffering financially. Is this an elaborate wah?
  4. This study has been vetted according to MoD guidelines and has passed an ethics board.

    As with reference to your question, all organisations have a level of financial requirement - in the public sector funding is required. In this instance it is your feelings towards how a lack of funding may inflict on your work which is proposed (an operational example is that of suitable equipment in OOA's).

    These questions have not been developed by myself, they are based on fundamental psychological concepts and have thus been scrutinised by research over many years.

    I hope this helps - if not i'll do a better job of clearing up any queries.
  5. Sorry buddy, I said have you sought permission from the MODS as in the site moderators, not the MOD.

    This site has nothing to do with the MoD. A matter of courtesy at least. Still find the question erroneous, but then I'm no accademic.

  6. And yes, before posting I did email the forum network to request permission.
  7. My fault - i didn't catch that first time round. But yes I sought permission. I completely understand where you're coming from, some questions may be erroneous and that will be considered later in the process - most probably be a critical point with the questionnaires, which may lead, with the aid of participants like yourself leading to a development specifically for the armed forces.

    Once again my apologies for the initial misunderstanding.
  8. Thanks for the answer, well done. Once the MODS publicly endorse your research I will willingly participate. I wish you luck in your endeavours.

  9. TO ANY MODERATORS: if you feel that this thread is not to the forum's suitability or liking I would be happy for it to be removed. It is of my utmost intention for this study to not to cause any disruption.