Your Gluttony Food

What junk food (or healthy) could you chomp down all day?

for me

A morning Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin®


A big greasy Döner Shish Tikka Kebab


What ever happened to these Müllers?

Too much green shit in the kebab!

For me - I could eat (and used back to 'int day when I was a) under 30 and b) maintained some physical activity other than pushing the remote) a massive fat boys breakfast in the mess or the local taxi cafe with all the trimmings.
Many years ago in Stockport, when I was pretty fit, working hard and scuba- diving on weekends, my favourite supper was a Hollands steak and kidney pudding, chips and grayveh on the way back from the pub.

WTF happened to that 32" waist?
Cheesey Pasta.
Bacon Buttie.jpg

But they have a strange side effect............ they make your trouser waists shrink in the wash..........


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Naan breads. Gotta be naan breads. Dripping in ghee and full of chana dhal. Mr Vohra's Glowing Ring special curry sauce too.
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