your funeral songs

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Toadblerone, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. (in)decent tunes for a send off? The "funerals and all that sh1t" got me thinking about what I should like to inflict on the attendees.
    Short list so far:
    Sick Of Being Sick - Damned
    Dead Men Tell No Tales - Motorhead
    Where Were You? - Mekons
    In A Rut - Ruts [for a burial, obviously)
    Beds Are Brurning - Midnight Oil (for a crem)
    Top runners for the 'unusual' intro's:
    Stone Dead Forever - Motorhead
    Bomber - Motorhead

    I could go for the the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, mind
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  3. i did look, honest, "funeral songs" " funeral tunes" and everything!

    STpd Cnt award accepted if approriate...
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  4. What the fuçk is that meant to be you stupid cuñt.
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  5. hell's bells & buggeration...paint me as a partially-complete pig's fornication...:(
    music to die by
  6. It must be Friday in his world.
  7. Two come to mind.

    Ilkley Moor bar t'at - humorous, morbid and my old regimental march.

    Fire by Arthur Brown - as I trundle into the incinerator.
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  8. Please don`t encourage him.
  9. erm, I'll have a 'p' please, Bob?
  10. Why not? I'm off to bed so it doesn't bother me.

    Night, night.
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  11. I've told the boss (and put it in my will)

    1. No religious observances
    2. Keep the whole thing cheap as chips and put the money over the bar instead
    3. Two pieces of music:
    a. St James' Infirmary Blues by Cab Calloway
    b. Come on Baby Light My Fire as the geezer presses the button

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  12. "The intro and the outro", by the Bonzo dog do dah band, listen to the opening sentence, magic! and when I disappear up the chimney, from mary poppins, chim chim cheree!.
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