Your freedom has been a lie

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trembly, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. Made oi larf . . .




    Taken from the comments on the page containing this article :

  2. Wow, this is so sad, I was born in America, sure on tv they fight for whats right give food water and help people. What country would promote what there real agendas are or the bad things they are doing to get what they want. The ? here is do you really want a bunch of Christian freedom lovers running china? By all means look up in history what they have done to support this religion, what it means to have given the freedom to be responsible for your family even if the government takes them or yourself for that matter.

    What you never read about the American government taken children well of course not. I was, placed in government custody and told I have attention deficit disorder, seizures and need heavy medication. Hmm that's strange because at age 7 I was re-writing computer programs and taught myself by reading a big book. Never had a seizure in my life. Well what could have prompt this, now that I think about it my mother suede a high school because I had a accident will at swimming lessons.

    still it was bullshit what I was told, and this medication I was forced to take, if I didn't I was punished, is now not legal why? well it can cause human organs to shut down and they die. Well it also can cause hallucinations but of course that's not as bad as dying? hmm to live with brain damage or die, well what government would say hey we messed up we didn't know that people would hallucinate from this drug. Thank god they took it out of the market after people died, but for me I still cant write well or read anymore, I am poor and will never marry. This is unfortunate and not a reason to hate a government, but they didn't stop there, I didn't tell people about what I went through as I was a genius child and at age 11 knew that is government is knowingly causing me pain and suffering, so after weeks of hallucinations it became a noticeable problem and I was taken to a hypnotist where he preformed a memory suppressing technique witch caused me to forget everything that had happened to me.

    The American government did this same thing to soldiers that found the whatever they found in Roswell new Mexico. you know the alien space craft or weather balloon. Well for Chinas Sake I hope that the people of this country would fight. And may you live in peace as I wish for all of humanity. Oh and I am completely responsible for what happened, I didn't tell anyone and I was free, F Freedom
  3. Is this the Int Cell or Tinfoil hats anonymous?
  4. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Can I please have what you are on
  6. Tinfoil hat brigade is out in force this morning I see

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    It seems we have a replacement for BounceBanana/Knocknee waiting in the wings.
  10. What do you reckon these mentalists did before the internet? Talk to themselves or if brave stand on soapboxes in town centres raving on I suppose.
  11. The good old days when we real conspiracies to worry about, kids of today have it easy ;)

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  12. Only looking at some salient points here. Say no more...
  13. Oh good another dribbling loon,
    David Icke is that away --->>>
  14. I'll tell you what they did, as I was involved with one of the lunatics. They write their thoughts onto every bit of paper they can find and I mean every bit of paper in a room when they are having one of their episodes. The nutter I was asked to deal with, a split, had booked into a hotel room in the smoke and had written her thoughts/accusations/suggestions, in very neat handwriting, on every side of every scrap of paper in her hotel room, she had even written some of her work on several neatly ironed pieces of bog roll. Completely hatstand. I asked he why she didnt get a notebook instead of this and she said she cant get her thoughts out quick enough but it would have taken me hours on end to write what she had done.
    Its an illness, clearly and now the internet has provided the perfect ally.
  15. So ARRSE is in fact part of the "Big Society" by providing an outlet, support and continuing care for a troubled part of society. All at no cost to the Government. Perhaps we need to get on the bandwagon and sort out funding for this level of care.

    Or not...