Your FMT600 isnt worth the paper its written on!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by VerminWA, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Apparently my FMT600 isn't worth the paper it's written on, why? Because when it was renewed the fully qualified DDI signed off the vehicle types as "carried over from last FMT600" instead of copying out the name of the person who signed it off and the date.

    So now I can't even drive a Land Rover even though I've been driving them for 20 years, in fact when I started driving in the Army there was no such thing as vehicle familirisation so how can I give the name and date of the none existent familirisation!

    I am certainly not the only person in my unit that is affected, there are many more, all the mature and sensible drivers, certainly NOT the people that these draconian, time wasting, health and safety gone mad rules where bought in to protect. Who is the complete and utter moron that though this was a good idea? Is there any legal precedence for any of these barking rules?

    Its amazing what happens when you give a Trog a bit of power, he/she can cripple the whole feckin Army. I hope this opens up further debate on the whole crackpot regime that is vehicle familirisation!

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  2. What's the problem - simply re-write the FMT 600 with the appropriate authorised vehicles section completed (like it is supposed to be!).

    If you do not know the details of your various familiarisations then you will have to do them all again.

    I must admit this is the first time I have experienced this - but it is not the end of the world.
  3. It can be a pain, when i was in my last unit, we had NATO vehs, that no one was fammed up on, turned out only 1 person in the sqn can drive one of the vehs, and about 4 people dive any of the others, twas grat fun, til the troop sgt took everyones fmts in, then they all came back fammed on everything, like magic!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sounds like a jobsworth. I did my veh fam 20 odd years ago and while I remember who did my landrover I've no idea who I did my track licence with....
  5. I have to say, familirisation is a pain at the moment. I work for an organiasation that has 30,000 vehicles, I spoke to our Fleet who assured me that even with recent EU regs, there is no need to fam drivers as long as they have current drivers license on type (B,C etc) even for Land Rovers ( we have hundreds). He stated that only when the commercial vehicle type (to include small vans etc) had never been driven by the employee then fam training was required. I have been told that the Army is adopting EU practise hence all the extra work but I'd like to know which source we are using as it appears all the civi firms are not doing it as it isn't required for most drivers.
  6. I am familirised on over 10 vehicles, thats about 2 days per vehicle, some only do about 5 mpg, firstly I don't have the feckin time, secondly the DDI doesn't have the time, thirdly the army can't and shouldn't have to afford the feckin diesel all because some prick has a cock stand about something that was fine last year but is not in vogue this year!
  7. Someone on a power trip has made a rod for all our backs!
  8. I also heard this, if like me you were fam'd on a certain type of vehicle before 2003 then you need to be re-fam'd on the vehicles by a GS FAM instructor! Even though i am a Defence Driving Licence Aquission Instructor!!! You cannot have a vehicle type on your FMT 600 that your unit doesn't have on it's equipment table! WTF is this all about?
  9. I say again "Someone on a power trip has made a rod for all our backs!" It would be nice if they could show their face here and explain why they feel the need to treat all of us as idiots and turn some of us into cheats and liars!
  10. I once got told I couldn't drive Landrovers as my FMT 600 stated 'Landrover, TUM, HS BFA' and had no seperate listing for 'Landrover, TUM HS' also 'car utility - all variants' isn't accepted and had to state which car I had been familiarised on. He wanted me to have listed every type white fleet car that we may get from Lex..
  11. If I could be Arrsed, I would go to great lengths to tell you that we have a (warm and fluffy wishy washy phrase coming) “Duty of Care” to Drivers, passengers, and other road users to ensure that people we put into vehicles are competent and capable of driving them.

    Try looking a grieving mother in the eyes and telling her yet another young son/daughter died because we just threw a set of keys at him and told him to crack on.

    All records of competency should be held on an individual’s Personal file, whether they be from Leconfield, or the familiarisation was carried out by a DLAI, GS Driving instructor in unit, and it is not very difficult to get one of these in your unit to draft retrospective paperwork for experienced drivers, however, at the end of the day it is their signature on he paperwork authorising you to drive.

    There are exceptions such as hire cars, however, most cars handle in a similar fashion, there is a marked difference in characteristics and road handling between a 110 Landrover and a Battlefield Ambulance>

    That way when the BOI is investigating another tragic death they have a clear audit trail from FMT 600 to certificate of competency (signed by an authorised individual). The system may not be perfect, however, it may just discourage that set of keys being thrown across the table.

    However, I suspect my ranting may fall on deaf ears…………………
  12. Add in the 5 day driver Fam packages that are about to criple most TA units as we have previously carried out driver Fam over the course of two days over the weekend.

    Also the matrix test rules have also been changed, reducing their currency from three years to two years. Meaning another mad panic to get tests done.

    I just get the feeling that they dont want to see the green fleet moving - the cynical side in me says its either a stealth cost cutting exercise or a H&S / EU stiffing for us all. :x
  13. Now please try and be arrsed to tell me why I can't drive equipment I've been driving for years, in fact years before we had even used the term "duty of care"?????
    Do civilian companies have a duty of care??
    Do the have such a draconian familrisation regime?? I'll answer that for you - NO!
  14. You do not need to re-fam if you driven the vehicle in the previous 12 months, a DLAI can no longer do FAM trg you must be a GS instructor , all coures for fam trg must be vetted by DST and even if only have one student you need 2 instructors. You require fam trg for every varient of vehicle and any civvie motor that carries over 5 passenger ie MPV-people carriers or mini-bus. It goes on and on and on it a complete load of bollock but if its not done you could fail your ECI but who is to say when you last drove? just make sure the paper work is done and your nearly there. It will only get worse!!!
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    With you in theory mate but you can buy all these types of ex military vehicles in civi street and no fam is required there. More pointless legislation which just pi$$es the troops about to jump through hoops.