Your First Squaddie car

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jonah045, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Nowadays as soon as they pass out, first stop is to a proper dealer and buy a 2002 Vauxhaul Corsa. Normally in black to give the impression that the driver is wrestling with more than just a Singer Sewing machine under the hood. But at least they are reliable......

    Back in the good old days, after arriving in Germany in 1988, the first car I bought was an ex-Wermacht Kubelwagen for 600DM, purely as I wanted to feel like an extra from Where Eagles Dare. It was held together with Blu-Tac and bird pooh!

    Naturally, my folly was exposed when it caught fire on the side of the road in the Harz Mountains and other than my BFG license, I hadn't even thought of ADAC.

    Only then I discovered that Sgt 'Bob' Martin, the Regimental Chippy, had a veritable showroom of clapped out classics which he was ready to sell me, including a Citroen Dyane in powder blue, with only brakes on the front as I found to my horror whilst pelting down route 2.

    The situation did not improve back in Blighty where a garage in Amesbury would cheerfully sell you a 1982 Cortina on the understanding that if after a weekend away and you managed to bring it back in one piece you could swap it + tens of ££'s for yet another relic of Britains motoring heriatge.

    I'm sure that everyone out there bought a lemon that was held together by two woodworm shaking hands, but at the time it was freedom at the weekends away from garrison towns.
  2. Mk 1 Opel Manta from one of the LAD bods.Then havin shoutin match with a traffic warden back in the UK for having "false plates"...the t@wt.
  3. VW Golf. Broke down on the Ferry from Zeebrugge to Dover and had to be pushed off..
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    A 1979 Hillman (Chrysler) Avenger
    My old fella bought it off a mate who had won some cash on t'pools in '86
    We then spent time in scrap yards and stuff doing it up
    I passed my test and was the only kid with a car a 1600 to boot so it had a bit of welly for the day

    Nobody had flash cars the best cars on camp at the time was my mates Mk 2 RS2000 (pointy nose) Escort and some Sgt bought a Seirra Cosworth 4 x 4
    Until some Kuwaity Cadet turned up with a Ferrari and stopped the show everytime he drove it
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A 1979 VW Polo for 4500 DM in 1986. And totalled it on Christmas leave 4 months later.
  6. A Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1500 HL.

    What a crock of shite...But it was my first car and I loved it... Until I snapped a con-rod on the M62...

  7. An absolute crowd puller 1984 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turbodelta!!!
  8. Mine was a WMIK.
  9. 1984 opel kadett c coupe with a squirt of primer down the sides didnt know much about cars ,i soon learnt with this one , i tinckered with it for ages, cost me 500dm and then it passed its bfg, so got it insured ,and went out in it every night just driving around ,until i stuffed it into the back of a golf, showing of :oops:
  10. R Reg Datsun 180B (B for Bucket - rust-bucket). Red corduroy seats, o the thrills chucking that about.
  11. Boys service 1975 my step-dad and me bought a Hillman Imp.Cost us about £60.Had it for about 2 years .Sold it for a profit , a bit surprised at that.

    First car in Germany was a VW Beetle had that for 9 months.Broke down outside Newcastle on the way home.
  12. Nissan Micra from some REME bloke in Detmold, which I then subsequently bogged down in the woods around Hermans Denkmal and had to be towed out by the LAD bods at a cost of thousands of bottles of beer and a few extras from the badge.
  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Hairdressers Car Missie. Mine was a Bright Orange RS 1600 Escort Mexico , A blokes car.
  14. You know me better than that PRT - never!