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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by fooboy, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Not bad but misses out the bit when you actually jump out of the door.
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Sorry to be pedantic but he is a bit confused. Strops are not used with the LLP (other than the extention strop in the skyvan) and the hooking up is always done by the PJI, not the parachutist.

    Otherwise, not bad!

  3. My first jump was at Weston way back, from a balloon, an officer was jumping No1 on the first cage and I was No3. Cloud was at 300ft and as we were jumping at 800 you could not see the ground. Like jumping into cotton wool. I was apprehensive and very nervous but enjoyed it no end, I could'nt stop laughing after landing. The officer had a mental block and thought he had left his chute and bag on the DZ. He was told to count all the bags on the truck to prove he had in fact brought if off. Great days.
  4. First bloke I saw at weston creamed in. Had 14 pins put in his right leg!! Ambulance driver then nearly goosed two blokes on his way to pick up the geezer who creamed in. Full of confidence on the next lift!!

    And why did the PJI's always insist on say, "Ready for the wind rush!" When they lifted up the bar on the cage!

    Must be crab thing with humour
  5. Know loads of blokes used to jump and not remember anything from the time they left the door till the second their chute opened! Could never understand that, it seemed as if they missed the best bit!!

    Makes the concussion I got on my first ever jump (came in for a backward feet, arrse, head landing!) seem rather pants!! Do remember an officer on the second jump ended up with detached retinas!
  6. Happy times......... Balloon U/S and as only "Royal" placed first in the C130 side door (PJI's obviously did'nt trust the 50 odd baby paras behind me). High twists on exit and by the time sorted it was all over. A further 2 x descents that day. Great value for money! :D
  7. First jump....

    Abingdon, Balloon, No 2 in the cage, gusting 6knots on the DZ, and gusting 30knots in my underpants....

    First Aircraft, Andover, gentlemans aircraft...
  8. Makes the concussion I got on my first ever jump (came in for a backward feet, arrse, head landing!) seem rather pants!![/quote]

    Did exactly the same on my last jump, with the exeption that I had smashed the base of my spine and dislocated 2 vertebre between my shoulder blades and also knocked uncrunchus. 2 other blokes piled in after wind steal, one stretchered off and all went to Nufield hospital in Oxford. Only found out about my injuries a year later after full spinal x-ray. Still great days though.
  9. Always good days. Would kill for another lob :)
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    First - bog standard balloon over Weston, sunny day, clear skies, smell of fear in the air....

    Best - Dakota, PX1 Mk4 on to Ginkelsheide for the 60th of Arnhem. Awesome, if a bit "cheeky" on the wind front!

  11. In the good good good old days, if you were friends with the Kiwi Squadron SAS at KL in Malaya, they would let you jump with them. The real thing with just a chat prior to stepping off. There was a choice of tree jumping or sea landings after a couple of 'routine' jumps. I gave it up after a drunken Kiwi told me he was surprised I hadn't killed myself as I was really too heavy and too tall. Nice of him to tell me.
    That was real Adventure Training!

  12. Plenty of deliberate mistakes in that written piece and photos, probably to avoid providing any 'Walts' with some ready-made Brize stories to relay down the pub and impress civvies/other Walts.

    I won't 'feed the Walts' by going through these deliberate mistakes, but suffice to say if someone narrated that to me and tried to tell me they had done the course I'd know straight away that they were a bluffing cnut.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I think it more likely that it is just an element of poor memory, rather than a deliberate anti-walt ploy. Just a shame that the writer didn't confirm the details and exact words of command before commiting to print. Also, get a random sample of say 50 current and in date military parachutists and ask them to write down the exact sequence of events and words of command for a descent from memory. It would be interesting to see how many of them get it right for a clean fatigue, let alone decent with equipment!

    That said, as before, not bad and quite stirring stuff!

  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    That and loads of blokes doing the "walk like an Egyptian, one arm holding an imaginary strop" shuffle to figure out trailing leg for Port side, and hence which side for leg strap/weapon etc!