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Your first day in the army





Pay Parade:Come to attention, March forward five paces, smart halt, salute , name, rank, number, count the money( £4),"pay correct Sir," salute, about turn, repeat ad finitum until the DS thought you were worthy of your £4 (1977). The remainder was banked with the Post Office until first spell of leave and then blown asap (£64)
You expect me to remember something that happened 54 years ago when I can't recall last nights tea? Harrumph!

Anyhoo, I arrived at Gobowen Station, near Oswestry bound for IJLB. This bunch of boys getting off the train were met by a huge man in No2s with a beret and budgie on it! Sgt Jackson, Welsh Fusiliers. He was very nice and gently got us on to the transport and into camp where we were dropped off at Z Company lines in Park Hall Camp, shown our beds and told to settle in. We did nothing that first day other than eat, meet and sleep as people were arriving all through out the day.

The nice Sgt Jackson the next day showed his real self.............. :( Thus started off my time in green on 10 May 1966.
did the same thing in 1972

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