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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aleegee1698, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Just read the IronDukes thread about motors and it brought back memories of all the shit-heaps I used to own.

    Coincidently, my first car was an Austin Princess 2, 500 quid, undoubtedly one of the ugliest cars ever made. Not content with its hideousy, or its reliability, I then part-exed it for the second ugliest car ever made, the Ausin Maxi, for 800 quid.

    After growing out of puberty, I discovered that a car was just as important for pulling burds as the meat n 2 veg, and therefore, I purchased an old LHD Golf 1 GTI. Imagine my disappointment 2 years later, that I was still a virgin.

    I was posted to Germany, and loans were cheap, but after 2 weeks of being in BAOR, I found myself having no coffee with the CO. 21 days later, I bought a fucked-out rusty Opel Kadett SRE (?). I drove this until the drivers seat was almost through the floor and decided to ask Joe, the friendly bank-manager in Mansergh Bks to lend me 15000 DM.

    I then bought an all singing VW Golf 1 Cabriolet, full Kamei body-kit, lowered 50mm, twin square headlights, lo-profils on alloys, on leaving HMF I had to sell her. Its my favourite car still.

    Inbetween this, I ve had a Mini Mayfair, an Opel Manta, an Opel Kadett E, a VW Polo, Opel Zafira, Opel Frontera, a Honda Jazz, an Audi S3 and now drive a nice German motor.

    The worst out of them all, looks aside, was the Frontera, 2 tonnes of steel powered by 100bhp just doesnt work. The best car is the Golf Cabriolet, and the one I drive now.

    I wish I d had half as many wimmin as cars.

    What was your first shit-heap?
  2. A Peugeot 309 that my dad bought off a guy he works with for very little money, E557KAV. I think she has been put down though as it is no longer showing on
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    First: Lancia Montecarlo Spider.

    First back seat fuck: Alfa 145 Cloverleaf (incidentally also first major accident on the same night.)

    Worst: Nissan Note (company wagon, not my choice)

    Most fun: 1967 Fiat 500.

    Fastest: Lancia Kappa Coupe V6.

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  4. A 1275 Mini Clubman GT - with go faster stripes!

    £250 well spent
  5. First car that I had use of was a Ferrari!!!!!!!

    Well a F plate Fiat Uno, that was my mums.

    First car that i bought myself was a M plate rover 214i 3 door, sold it to the metal bender at my first unit. It broke down the first time he took it back home on leave.

    Well it did have no oil or coolant in it!!! Top tip never by a car from a VM.
  6. First was a austin A35 van bought for £35..I sold it on to a mate for£35 I then joined up, if I ever see him again I shall point out there was a bit of wear in the kingpin.....but then again after 45 yrs he might have noticed.
    my current is a E class merc, quite a difference between the two.
  7. First was a VW Derby *nicknamed by the wife the green machine, A 1200 petrol with manual choke. Never any problem starting it up in the winter.

    The only problem with the derby was it was very small, Noisy and the heater had to be on in the summer to keep the engine cool and in the winter you had to dress up in it like an artic expedition because the heater didn't work in minus temperatures.


  8. An Alpha Romeo Alpha sud 1.5 clover. In dark blue, with loadsa rust. Bought for the princley sum of 500DM & a crate of Grolsh. BFG reg CRY18B. The electrics were shot which ment you could put the ignition on then start it by pressing the rear demist button. To an 18 yr NiG that was the coolest thing going. Took it to the LAD for its BFG test & the VM inspector took one look at it & told me not to waste his fucking time. Went back to park it up & wonder what the fuck to do with it & when I pulled the handbrake the whole shooting match came away from the floor.

  9. vw beetle it was 19 years old in 1989 when i bought it in sennelager!
  10. First car: Volvo 340GL bought for me by my old man. Proof the cunt hates me.

    Most fun: Fiat Uno I.E. turbo.

    After destroying almost every car I've ever owned, being banned for speeding once and being involved in one crash that almost plucked my feathers I now leave the driving to my missus.
  11. My first car was a Reliant Supervan MK3, with windows in the side and seats in the back. It was brilliant! I used to drive it on a motorbike licence without any fuss as you could happily do that back then. After a while of teaching myself to drive I booked my car test and a driving school car and passed, first time no problem. There aren't many people around who can say they taught themselves to drive.
  12. A dark green 1999 Vauxhall Corsa. It was cheap, cheerful, easy to drive, reliable and smooth running and was gutted when I had to get rid.
  13. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    My first car was a J reg Seat Marbella with a 743cc engine. Not 700, not 740, 743. Cos every cc counts with a hair-drier motor like that! Did all the servicing and repairs myself (good learning experience and commend it to The House). Only job that was beyond me was welding the cracks in the engine block when the head went. Got it welded, put it back together and re-timed myself (twice). It was like loosing a childhood pet when the head went for the third time and I decided a do not resus was in order.

    Then I got a super-sporty Honda Civic 1.5 which I had for just over a week before a drink-driver in a series 2 Rover broke it and my collar bone. And I was fuming like you wouldn't believe with the police investigation that followed. Never thought coppers were cunts before then (and mostly still don't) but the lead copper on that case was a meta-cunt of the 1st file.
  14. Last showing on the road in 2002 so probs a washing machine or another car now,

    Bought a couple of cars in BFG but never put them on the road first one I did was a '77 Mk1 golf diesel with a choke in 93 sold it to a pad for his wife
  15. Sunbeam Imp. Great little runner, really nifty and pretty easy to maintain.