Discussion in 'RAC' started by panzer, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. What are your memories of your past RSM's be they Regt or JLR. Any amusing stories then let's hear them.
  2. RSM at my first posting made a point of making all the young medical officers straight out of the factory feel at home ... by making us feel about one inch tall.
  3. RSM at BATUS a couple of years ago was a top bloke. Dont know anyone who had a bad word to say about him at all...

    ....apart from the lads he gripped.....Doh
  4. Top bloke some years ago, had a thing about the yanks! On the ranges all you could hear from the control tower - "NOW HEAR THIS!" in a american accent. Also, when being driven out of camp, would always salute guard with a "yank" sort of salute!
  5. "Mucky Bob" Scots DG best RSM ever.

    Extract from regimental orders
    " Other ranks must address The RSM as Sir and not Bob"
  6. Agree with MicknDarcyJo, BATUS RSM 2002-2004 (QRH) was brilliant. Also TS QRL was mint. :D
  7. My vote for best RCM (RSM) goes to the regimental who, in 1994, put a cctv camera in the naafi shop for 7 days then held a parade in the cinema and invited all the culprits.
    the jail was full that day and of course I was on Provost duty.
    I daren't laugh b'cos there was so many of them.
  8. The RSM at COD Bicester who dragged all the singlies from the block one night while drinking, into the guardroom. Then lined us all up, excused the females and a couple of males (!) then chucked me and two others in the cells for the night. He then proceded to call the duty RP to sort us out who happened to be one of the pi$$ed up amongst us originally, to come in and give us shit! Which he started to do. At this point I ripped him an ARRSE for being two-faced and so he gave up and fcuked off. I still got charged though.
  9. I have a few memories of RSM's that still make me, as a Lance-Comical gets jailed on cadre course by the RASMAN because my moustache was unkempt.............I then spend the next 2 hours smoking, watching TV, drinking coffee and having a laugh with the Provo Sgt and his staff (this is cavalry nick by the way, so never did the screaming and shouting shite) morning, same offensive upper lip hair gets me jailed again......excellent !! Rest of cadre course doing drill and silly weapons handling coffee, fags, chit-chat and a joke with the Provo lot. Took the RASMAN 4 days to suss out. Oh, how we laughed.
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what was the date of this cadre????????????????????????????????????//
  11. We had a bloke in late 70's who was as mad as a fish. He would march around camp saluting traffic signs. Also had a nervous twitch!
  12. If you are ex or serving 5 and 9's was not a cadre you were on, and I assume you are ?
  13. Ex 15/19th now LD.
  14. Had an RSM (GSM actually) in Dettmold in the dim distant past. Godfrey Cass (15/19) IIRC.

    Jailed his dog for barking at the CO. Jailed the duty driver (and his Landrover) for being illegally parked outside the guardroom. Jailed two visiting American officer pilots for not saluting the CO. Jailed the guard commander for being away from his desk (taking a leak) and then went back two hours later and jailed him again for being away from his desk (he was in jail). Guard reports cost one extra duty for each spelling mistake.

    He had a two way mirror on the wall outside his office so he could see people in the corridor. If you were going to see him and didn't adjust yourself before going in, he would give you extras for not making sure you were properly dressed. If you did adjust yourself he would give extras for not making sure you were properly dressed BEFORE you went into RHQ.

    Scared the carp out of me on one of my first mess functions when I ended up at his table. Turned out to be one of the best nights I had in any mess, anywhere.

    You knew exactly where you were with Godfrey. He operated the best and most efficient "The sh1t stops here" policy I ever saw. He fcuked his guys about, nobody else even got close.

    What a legend.

    Anyone else remember him?