Your favourite film quotation

His friends call him Clit.

Apparently he's a bit of a cunt.
I had a 6 week project in his company. I considered him to be a chilled out gent in every sense. Very accommodating for 'selfies' considering the building we were working in had staff bring their aunties in to meet him.
Ate with the crew, happy to stand in line. A nice bloke in all considering he was directing the fillum et al.
"You are welcome".

أهلاً وسهلاً )Ahlan we sahlan(

This simple welcome always makes me smile in language classes, as introduce the ever more youthful classmates to this film; and appear more of a Brit stereotype.

I am shocked to find gambling is going on here

Just about every scene with Ralph Fiennes playing Amon Goeth but this one sticks with me because I do it to the missus when she does something wrong.
The "I pardon you " bit not the shooty part. . . . . so far.

A more cold portrayal of real evil you are unlikely to find, no foaming at the mouth or histrionics, and that is what makes it so terrifying.
Kudos to Ben Kingsley for portraying the "kill shot" without having to actually show it. His reaction was perfectly judged.

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