Your favourite Christmas record?


As a riposte to this thread which of the Christmas songs is your least hated?

I have one or two that I dont mind regardless of the season, I still like the Pogues fairytale of New York just because I do and there are a number of other ones I can tolerate.
Lets get this straight I do feel sorry for the folk in shops with the Christmas noise being pumped out all 3 or 4 months of the retail frenzy but one or two aren't too bad.


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A good song and the video has a great Pagan theme, by the way it's YULE and it's the 21st December.
My personal record for the greatest number of mince pies eaten in one sitting without vomiting.

oh, that isn't what you meant...
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One of the lesser known pieces in Miles Davis's canon.

Full of scrooge-like sentiments and sung by a chap who sounds he'd be more at home singing songs about cowboys.
A bit of metal

Greg Lake
I beleive in Father Christmas.

but this years best Christmas song has to be


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