Your favourite board game

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aleegee1698, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Searched the site and could nt find a related post.

    I ve just thrashed the kids at Monopoly, took 4 hours mind. I m unbeatable, even as a young child I was a budding Donald Trump, I bent the rules and even used to "lend" money to those I d fucked over, obviously at a 100% interest rate.

    My "Big Nan", bless her, always used to force us to play Scrabble when she visited, and she always won, but we were only young and I reckon the old Girl used to make up all the words just to get on the Treble-pointers, I found this out later whilst doing my English CSE, ended up with a grade 5 with a note from the Teacher " Most english words are actually under 25 letters long,".

    Then good old Trivial Pursuit, way above my intelligence level, my Bruv always used to trash me at that, I was more your "Kerplunk" type of bloke.

    One game I ll never forget, (apart from its name), was a horse-racing game that Big Nan bought me, must of been early 80s and to this day I dont know how it worked. It was ingenious, it comprised of 4 LPs, betting cards and play-money (which we later substituted for real reddies). You d bet on your Nag, and the LP was put on. Everytime one of the LP s was played, a different horse would win. I can only imagine that the LP was probably Zig-zag grooved at some point and threw the needle randomly into other grooves, or did we have double-layer LPs?

    Connect-4, Snakes n Ladders, Ludo, Cluedo, and not forgetting Trump-cards, who needs an X-box with Battlefield3 when you can have these?:)
  2. Risk, Cluedo, Kojak, Monopoly and then doodled over all of them with Spirograph.
  3. I very quickly grew bored of board games, when I discovered little Boobies and
    Bottle Green / Blue Knickers, not to forget White Virgin Socks.
    I would most certainly prefer to feel a pair of nice Japs than play fcuking Ludo!