Your Favorite Top 100 Sexiest FHM Women

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Porro_Ago_Ulster, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. My results were so disturbing that I refuse to post them.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    NIchol Kidman 67%

    Didn't recognise the other two
  3. Just who the fcuk is Charisma Carpenter? :roll: :?:
  4. She was in Buffy... in my dreams anyway!
  5. Cheers for that CD,just googled her, not too shabby :twisted: :twisted:
  6. 100% for Danny Minogue!

    She'll do for me.

    Gin Gan Goo!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. who is,

    Rudger hower??

    and would she get it
  8. Hallveg----Rudtger Hauer is a bloke.Maybe you would give it to him!!!
  9. wah!

    Twas Nell Mcandrew really
  10. Fern Brittan’s my match mummmmmmmmm
  11. Brittany Murphy & Tara Reid? FFS!

    Two of the craziest drunken b1tches in Christendom. Absolute j1zz traps, no sense of humour and stuck up little trollops.

    On reflection, if past experience is anything to go by, they're probably right...
  12. Michelle Marsh. ???
    I don't even know the bird.

    Can anybody give me a hint ?
  13. 100% Carmen Electra
    67% Sofia vergara??
    65% Charlotte Church
  14. Not work friendly so don't know...anyone but Halle Berry would be nice!