Your family: capbadge tarts or pillars of the regiment?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by angular, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. My boy can draw on a mongrel military lineage that runs down the generations from the Royal Anglians - Royal Marines - RASC - Royal Artillery - East Lancs. In other words, our lot just signed up at the nearest recruiting office.

    Who can go back furthest in the same regiment (amalgamations accepted)?
  2. 4 generations of Grenadier Guards.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    When I was in 15/19H, we had an officer whose forebear had fought at Emsdorf. Of course I have no idea whether the lineage went unbroken from one to the other.
  4. In my immediate (2 genreations) family alone we have almost 60 years service in our Regiment between 3 of us. And no, my mother has never worn Army boots, but my sister has. Dad joined as a BoyBandsman,and as soon as he was old enough, joined the Sabre Sqns .served in every NCo rank, took commision, is now CO of the Regt at Lt.Col. So he's a pillar. My Mom's uncle served in the regiments precursor in WW1
  5. The Tankie's dad said he set out the day he enlisted with the intent to join the Merchant Marines.

    How he ended up in the Black Watch is somewhat unclear to all of us, including his dad.

    We anticipate having a nephew join the Tankie's regt shortly, which would make it a glorious lineage of...two. :D
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Great grandfather - A & SH, Granddad - Para, Father - RCT, self -RLC.

    Clearly we got less teeth arm as our family history progressed.
  7. Military Service, Army, mainly was a natural way of life in the North of England and most other parts of the country I am sure.
  8. from bits and pieces gained from drunk grandfathers i have had relations in a few of the north west infantry regiments IE Kings Liverpool the Manchester's and Cheshires no tradition to speak of except drunken misconduct
  9. My great-grandfather has the rather unusual distinction of being not just a capbadge, but also a Service tart just in himself.

    He served in the Royal Navy, leaving shortly before WW1. When war broke out, he signed up with the Royal Engineers. From there, he moved sideways to the Royal Flying Corps, and was still hanging in there when the RFC became the RAF - thus giving him service in all three branches of the armed services.

    There was then a break of some two generations before I joined the Sappers.

  10. I knew a chap who was a 5th generation Grenadier which is the longest I've ever heard of; but then most Grenadiers wouldn't have the imagination to notice the rest of the Army around them.
  11. Great Grandfather 26 years RA.

    Grandfather 34years Grenadier Guards.

    Different sides of the family, one served in the Wiltshire Regiment, the other in the Royal Berkshire's which both almalgamated to form the Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment which 3 of us served with.

    My brother was ACC/RLC and spent quite a while posted at 17 P&M, my Dad was RAOC, Im now RLC TA and alledgedly attached to 17 P&M but spend as much time at Marchwood as Bin Laden does at Buck house.

    Two cousins were both ammo tech/bomb docs with the RAOC/RLC, another cousin was a RAF pilot and a Uncle was a Pay Corp Major.

    RLC and its predecessors seem to be our family theme!
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    No lineage, but Grandfather WW1- Royal West Kents- Mesopotamia
    Grandfather: AOC Egypt 1920's
    Great Uncle: RN HMS Glory Died 1914

    Father- WW2- RAF Regiment- Burma/ India

    Uncles x 3: 1PARA and 2x REME

    My history is dull and well documented.

    Daughter currenly in the RN as is others of the family. So not short of 4 generations in the Military family.
  13. Grandad - 43 Cdo RM
    Dad - M+AW Cadre RM
    Uncle 1 - 2 Para
    Uncle 2 - RE
    Brother - HCR then Para
    Sister - 6 weeks depot, RLC, wrapped because she "didnt like being shouted at!!" :D

    Up until a few years ago we were all usually round the same table at Christmas ! Very hectic !
  14. Welcome back , Mr. Golden
  15. Grandfather (1) = Regiment not known WW1 went into Jerusalem with Allenby
    Grandfather (2) = Home Guard WW2 (too young for WW1 reserved occupation WW2)
    Great Uncles (x2) = KIA North Africa regiments not known

    Father = Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy
    Uncle = Royal Marines
    Step Father = Royal Navy
    Step Uncles (x3) = Royal Navy

    Brother (1) = 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (Volunteers)
    Brother (2) = Royal Navy
    Me = The Royal Hampshire Regiment & Corps of Royal Military Police
    Ex-wife = Woman's Royal Naval Service