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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by allyleventhal, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. theres some recruit courses coming up in november at grantham and lichfield, just wondering what kind of experiences other have had at these atrs? and if they can recommend if ones better than the other :) cheers
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Your experience will vary depending on the staff running the course, so you should take each persons past experience with an ATR with a pinch of salt.

    We've had recruits coming back from some ATRs with nightmare stories followed by others that have had the best two weeks of their lives, just a month or so later.

    I personally went to Litchfield (a few years ago now) and had a great time, although the feeling was at the time that there was more emphasis placed on PT there compared to, eg, Grantham. I'm sure others would have a different story.

    If you put the effort in and have a section that works as a team, you'll do fine and have a great time, wherever you go.
    Enjoy it!

  3. Thouroughly enjoyed my two weeks, you'll find that the ones returning from ATR's with horror stories are usually the course biff.

    At the end of the day, if you can Pass your PFT, CFT, and you are a team player, its an awesome two weeks.
  4. Grantham was good for me staff knew what they are teaching inside out all the lessons were run on time. I struggled on my part B but once i got on my part A all the skills i was taught came back straight away plus Grantham has the worlds funniest scotish corpral (ballbags). Its hard going but worth it.
  5. Looking back it was not too bad really, didn't always think so at the time, but learned everything I needed to and it all worked out well.

    Only thing I will say is that don't be affraid to make a point of not knowing something if it is assumed you do - surprising number of instructors have thought that recruits were already familiar with weapons and so paced lessons accordingly. Same can be said with other areas not covered on Mod1/TAFS/Whatever it is now. Lot of stress for the recruits who didn't know and who didn't want to rock the boat. (Different story for infantry though).

    Assuming that the staff obey the rules/law..
  6. Did Lichfield in '05. Loads of PT, but instructors were mint.

    Usual score: The more you put in, the more you get out!
  7. im off to Lichfield on 8th Sept, only hard thing is being away from kids and missus for 2 weeks

    i am looking forward to it, but will also be nervous when i get there too
  8. If you are to attend a CMS course at Grantham or any other RTC then take some time to prepare ! ie get your admin sorted you will have a great time if you know what your weak spots are before you go.
    You will be grouped with people who will have varied experience from the "Born Green" to the "I thought I would give it a try" so a couple of weeks before you go start a few exercises ie press ups and situps and start running a bit nothing heavy say 5min in one direction a night and then a gentle jog back, think also about your kit and make sure it is pressed and boots polished before you get there, these things will help.
    Also make sure you talk to your units training wing and see if they can give a quick run on CBRN and SAA as these are covered in detail at CMS
  9. So what you going to do when you get sent on a 6 month tour? :?
  10. I went to Grantham and do agree with the lack of PT cant remember getting any except what was needed i.e. 1.5 mile run 2 practice CFT and actual CFT. Seemed to spend a lot of time (1½ days) practising for pass off parade.

    All the instructors have a lot of knowledge, and they all work together to provide the best training, I know other atr are also good but I agree with Maggs84 this guy was our Section Commander and he is excellent.
  11. The same as everyone else.. stick the head down and get on with the job.
  12. haha yea i will think about that when the time comes....its gonna be hard for me 2 little boys are are mostly for their dad to be away for 2 weeks
  13. Dunno if you get time off to visit the locals or if Grantham still have the list of banned local pubs ???

    Its also my home town so watch what you say, it may be a shite bag but its still home
  14. Ballbags!!! what a guy :)
  15. They will be ok, just make them proud of you.