Your Experiences in Basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by David2008, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Excuse me if this has been done before, I'm bone idol and don't like searching :lol:

    Whether its good or bad experiences, post it! Ill post mine later if the topic gets some good replies :)
  2. Beating a section commander on an apwt, good times
  3. Got beasted, ragged and fcuked about loads (nearly 17 years ago :oops: )

    But looked back from 6 months on and giggled.

    You will hate it whilst doing it, but will look back and have fond memories.

    Cherish all the time you have, because my 17 years have flown by.......

    Edited because I am old :wink:
  4. have done it twice now, in 2001, as an 18 year old i passed out first time, just scraped by really, re did it again in 2008 and flew through it first time picking up the best recruit and soldiers medal along the way, it seems like phase 1 is more like a holiday camp than a training establishment, this is only my personal findings though, so dont expect to walk into training and fly straight through it. I wouldnt say that standards have slipped but personally it seems as though they are trying to get as many people through as possible, take my troop for instance, easily half the people who passed off that parrade square wouldnt have done so in 01. Either way, weather someone did training in 79 or 09 I have the upmost respect for anyone who gives it a go and wants to serve in our Army.
  5. Ops arnt though, which is were they'll all end up and having duvets instead of bedblocks hasnt really dented the operational effectivness of the British Army has it? :roll:
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I liked that and they were quite gentle with you!
  7. I was Sgt's special little soldier... :lol:
  8. I remember we were told one day to chill out at the naffi for the whole day as a reward for lots of hard work, and to be back at the platoon blocks for 2200 for the nights debrief, where the Plt Sgt announced we would be going paintballing tommorow, all this just for doing some regular PT, it did seem a bit too good to be true, well we were all gullable so we bought it,

    Next day:

    Ragged out of our pits at 0300 and it was all go from the minute they woke us up, we had literally 5 minutes to get washed up and dressed and then we got marched (at about 200 left, rights per minute) to the old airfield (bassingbourn barracks) and got thrashed around it until breakfast (0630) got a bit of scoff in us, and back out for some more tasty beastings, and it went on till dinner at 1730....

    And our section cpl told us after that it was only because the platoon sgt felt like it and nothing to do with our behaviour (was a real good week for everyone)... kind of funny when i look back at it :D
  9. Another one.

    When we went to the Somme, France for the BF tour, we stayed at this cushy little hotel with very cheap beer, and one of the nastiest corporals in our platoon from the yorkshire regiment had a field day at the bar, so much that he was hugging (rather than raping) some of the recruits and telling them how you need to embrace life and the good times, because when you go out on ops the world and life feels so different etc. I know its a good point from the man, but it was one fukin funny sight :lol: