Your experience of posting to Afghanistan

I'm planning a work of fiction about a soldier returning from Afghanistan, and I'd be very interested to hear your experiences. (Tried to get some background by looking around the site but didn't get very far.)

Obviously subject to any security restrictions, I'm interested in everything from mundane details (feel free to fictionalise), how the posting came about, what the journey there and back was like, preparations etc, to any incidents that made an impression on you while you were out there, and how it felt coming back. Also, any experiences of leaving the military and life as a civvy would be very interesting.

It's not going to be an anti-military work (I promise!).

Thanks for your time.

I'm planning a work of fiction
is this the Sun then

Its very cold and the natives are the friendliest in the Pacific,no one had to carry a gun and no one had any problem with kit. Most people on leaving the army get well paid jobs in the city, and have 2.4 kids except for the infantry who marry their sisters.

Tried to get some background by looking around the site but didn't get very far

I wonder why
It wasn't a posting it was a tour.

I don't think MCM Div have started 2 year postings there as yet. Apparently the pad's wives would complain about the state of the quarters on offer.

Magnolia coloured walls clash with orange jumpsuits when taken on home video.

Anyhoo, when I was there you could buy 10 flat breads for one US dollar. Mind you when the field hygiene type bods tested the bread it was found to contain human faeces and hair.

Will you put that in your book? If you do I want monetary remuneration or I'll bite your fukcing nose off.

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