Your eBay nightmares!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SausageDog, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. I am in the middle of hopefully my last ever eBay nightmare, a seller who has my money and seems to be a total thieving Arab.

    Anyway. I've had a few bad experiences buying stuff that was fake, never showed up, 'stolen off the doorstep', no address from some muppet who wants me to drive 240 miles and "text his mate when I get to the big Asda"

    I bought a mint guitar amplifier off some kid and then carrying it back to my car scraped the tolex covering against a stone wall. Grr!!

    Anyway, I'm sure you've all got plenty of tales of woe to share!

    Bring 'em on eBay losers!! =D
  2. So it looks like I'm the only twat to have repeated bad experiences on eBay?

  3. It takes me longer than 11 minutes to type up a reply.

    During that time - about half way through my second paragraph - I usually come to the realization that my post is either unfunny, a load of bollocks or a combination of the two and give up. Enjoy.
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  4. My only real nightmare on ebay was running out of para helmets, smocks, webbing, cam cream, NBC kit, weapon ancillaries and black bag deployment goodies to sell. I cleared my own shelves and had to resort to 'room inspections' using my master key.
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  5. No, but as the famed Baron of Castleshort is banned from this site, I doubt you'll get much response from any really experienced ebay buyers. However, don't let me stop you; email the man directly and get his lowdown on how to buy fake pseudomilitary decorations, papal honours and assorted bling from Ebay. You might also like to ask the Legion of Frontiersmen for their take on this...
  6. Does it have PARA/SAS/SBS/TELIC/HERRICK in the title?

    If it doesn't I aint arrsed.
  7. Ripped to the tits on antibiotics, bufren, paracetamol and the booze I'd swilled it down with to snatch a moment's sleep in 48 hours of dental pain, I sat at the laptop to check my emails whilst waiting for it all to kick in.

    When I woke up, I found I was the winning bidder on THREE very expensive ebay kayaks, simultaneously. ohshitohshitohshit.
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  8. Yeah, that's how I purchased my first V8 Landy!
  9. Yeah I did that with a guitar - custom blue telecaster at £400 odds when pished one night and got an e-mail the next day saying I had won the bid. I couldn't even remember bidding. My other half was not very happy. Wriggled out of it by e-mailing the seller and explaining my predicament.
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  10. Oddly enough I am one of Ebays millions of happy customers.
    Never had a problem, always got my goods or money, never bought a fake only ever bid on one once but a bit of retsearch revealed what it was and I just told the seller that I wasnt going to pay and that was the end of it.

    A great source of odd hard to find things and cheap(ish) if you dont go insane on the bids.

    Sorry to **** up the thread but I like ebay.
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  11. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Facebook buy swop sell sites seem a better deal, local produce no fecking haggling shite, turn up at garage/rugby club or whereever meet is take place, fertive glance around, " you here for the dog bed" " aye, here's your tenner", Thanks, Here's your dogbed" deal's done and away in 30 seconds!
    Subsitute kids bike, cot, various other assorted items, no post and packing and get to see item before buying.
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  12. Dunno about that but I managed to knock out a 'mint' guitar amplifier to some trumpton who did'nt realise that there was fook-all in it. Fortunately, the blind flid managed to knack it against a wall on the way out. The sobbing was pitiful, so I had it away on me toes.
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  13. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I bought an RE wrist paracord band from a serving or just ex serving chap. His ADDY some ole military pads quarters. No band sent , no response to e mails etc so I called foul to EBAY and got my dosh back pronto .

    I do however have problems with the size and scale of items so I am forever asking folks to put a ruler of ten pence coin etc .
    I nearly bid on a city of London brass tankard until I found out that it was only half an inch tall . I guess that rare , sas para etc should have warned me grin . another thought , is there anything a value money out there on EBAY? I see a lot of stuff going for the same price or dearer than going to a shop. Also saw a brass button stick ( do they still issue you with those ) up for 65 quids English . As for masonic items I 've sen stuff on at 5, 10 , 12 and 85 squids for the same medals . Does that mean the sellers dont have a clue or that there are a lot of fuckwits out there eager to spend money . buggered if I know .
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  14. You've not fucked up the thread at all!

    I assume you're tea total though?
  15. It's generally a good service. I notice it has a kind of social networking/MMORPG gaming twist to it where people are desperate to get positive feedback all the time. If I buy something I'm usually sent one or two messages from the seller directly asking me to go and give them feedback. Its a bit surreal.