Your dirty little secret.....

Which fetish do you suffer from most?

  • Pissing on eachother

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  • Pain RXing/TXing

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  • Pain RXing

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  • Pain TXing

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  • Feet, high heels, legs, stockings

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  • Arse's - in out up down yours hers his

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  • Machines and Toys

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yeah, had about 12 other fruity options but it would let me post ethm, maybe a seperate thread on dressing up is required if there are plenty of enthuseiasts...
Chalky said:
What, no nappies option?
Isn't that covered by "Adventure trg/Watersports for all"? :):):)

So many options...can i tick more than one? oh ok I'll settle for...."oooh..she's got a nice ARRSE.... :twisted:
"Gagging Sexual Deviant"
Nope, but I've managed to obtain some rather disturbing tranny porn whilst in Germany last year!! I learnt my lesson not to buy pre-packed porn!! It's not a deal, it's not a steal and definitely not the sale of the fcuking century!!


Book Reviewer
What about hamsters?
I'm a deviant, I like sticking my cock in women. Sick isn't it??


Book Reviewer
Ah ha! So you know! HAMSTER BOTHERER!!!
chrisg46 said:
I didn't see that on the list. What does it come under?


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