Your definition of hell?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. So whats your definition of hell?

    Mines would be finding myself stuck with Ashie/Bugsy/Whet/Chubb/Peter Dow(ns) in a room with no door to escape think listening to them would soon turn my brain to shit.

    Still I suppose snoozy's would be getting a job
  2. Having one arm and hanging from a cliff with itchy balls.
  3. Cliffs have balls??
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  4. Losing the worlds largest group spunky biscuit tournament.
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  5. Cliff Richards does.
  6. Shiiiiiit my england is so bad.
  7. I wouldn't bet on it.
  8. Isn't he emptying them into that priest he lives with?
  9. True but why is Target Stop hanging onto Sir Cliff in the first place?

  10. You could turn that predicament around by just shoeing the fuckers. Might feel some guilt afterwards from battering defenceless animals like whet and Dow but I'm sure it would be worth it

    For me hell = Birmingham specifically new street station
  11. I'm a Choir boy, i also like Tennis.
  12. Hell: Teheran: I lived there for 7 months. Some of the worlds most beautiful birds live there. Hundreds of thousands of them need cock. Even the ones that wear Batman gear. The Iranian men are so repressed they don't now how to handle a woman with "needs". But if, as a foreigner, you get caught with one, she stands a chance of being stoned to death if she is married or engaged and you get 150 lashes in public.

    We must liberate Iran as a matter of urgency and give the wimmin relief.
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  13. Married to a pikey and having to live in a caravan surrounded by her and her extended family
  14. Far too many to list. but here goes going anywhere by train and wanting to ice pick every fecker who insists on munching and slurping their fast food.
    Being locked in the Big Brother house at the start of a new series.
    Being locked up in a Dubai or any South American prison.
  15. Hell is a place where you can have all the women & drink to want, the problem is the glasses have holes in them & the women don't.
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