Your day in 3 words

Confused, am I.
No, just dense.
Penny dropped has.
Safely in Exmoor.
Despite loose screw
Causing noisy rattle.
Which is now
Being REME fixed.
Pink bubbles soon.
Weekend at home
Going pub tonight.:drunken:
Old mukers visiting
On Saturday, pissed:drunken:
Smallwood Vintage Rally
On Sunday Pissed.:drunken:
BBQ on Monday
Maybe bit tipsy :drunken:
Poor old liver!
Nice with onions ;)

Lovely sunny morning
Fresh orange juice
Two scrambled eggs
On buttered toast
Strong Espresso Coffee
Now set up
For the day:salut:
Agree, add bacon.

Just about to
Cook bacon, eggs
And mushrooms for
Our breakfast. Eating
Out in sunshine.
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Oatcakes Dear Oatcakes
I put oatcakes.
Bloody spellchecker altered!
Regretting Android upgrade.
Every word ending
'S' is now
Given an apostrophe!!!
Spending weekend painting
Doors and defrosting
Freezers. One down,
Scran transferred to
The other freezer.
Pleased to note
I have an
Entire drawer full
Of North Staffordshire’s
Finest delicacies. Mint.
Gin and tonic
In the sunshine
Before cooking duck
Potatoes and veggies.
Spent hours getting
to and from
Bisley for something
which really was
not worth it.

Motorways are no
fun when other
people are allowed
to use them.
In the doghouse
Guests expected soon
Wife prepares guestroom
Fresh clean linen
Lurchers love comfort
Especially clean beds
With fluffy pillows
Is that shouting
I can hear
"Your bloody dog"

Come on mate
Time to go
For a walk
Thats my boy
Bank holiday weekend.
What d'ya expect...?
A clear motorway
because they should
have all buggered
off on their
Bank holiday, stupid.
Cold , with Bronchitis
with out fail
every two years

just fucking dieing

boots........ size eight

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