Your day in 3 words

Kids are *********.
Not funny, cock/redshift

Girl broke up
with boy, his
mates spit on
her in lessons.

Sneaky fuckers; teachers
did not notice.

Kids are arseholes.
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its friday today
and i aim
to go slow
st paddy's day
sunday so a
good excuse to
drink, brexit talk
banned in pub
Nice and sunny
Packing my kit
Go home tomorrow
Back to winter
Yellow snow alert
From met office
Yip bloody ee
very quiet day
nothing in/out
surfing on arrse
and the net
only 5 hours
till home time
brexit ban in
office apart from
the impending riots
did i mention
if someone can
get me a
55" tv will
pay £150 cash
no euros


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Steptoe and Son
On the wireless.


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Do you not
Have digital radio?
All the rage
These days apparently.
Yes I do.
Hence the programme.
Still call it
The wireless though.
Small radio is
Called the transistor!
Tablet went tits-up.
Bought new one
from Argos. Ordered
at 11.00 delivered
15.00. Wow wow. :pc:
Had a quick
look then thought
bollocks to that.....

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Son visited today
Turned my mattress
sorted out laptop
chatted for hours
A rare treat
He's self employed
He's not selfish
but time poor
I appreciated the
long drive and
effort he showed
My turn to
visit his abode
looms in Summer
(after my cruise)
Mom's not daft
A great day :dance::numberone:


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It was weird
To wake yesterday
To message from
Son in Christchurch
Saying 'we're ok'.
Had to read
News to find
Terrible events occurred
Whilst I slept.
Thoughts with victims.
Relieved about son.


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