Your day in 3 words

Actually, I won’t
The old girl started clattering at the top of a hill, first thought was that the spare wheel carrier had dropped, dipped the clutch and the noise dropped off. Obviously engine at that point, had to drive on to find a stopping point as it was a busy, narrow road. Did the best part of a mile before I found a gateway to a field to stop in.
Engine is now stripped down and four big ends have failed, the debris is throughout the engine, crank and cam both toast.
Anyone have a 235 Chevy engine laid in a shed? ;-)
You stupid boy


Book Reviewer
Swiss Army Knife
Almost irretrievably defiled
Knife Cleansing Ritual
Is highly recommended

(Piece of wood
some mouse blood
length of string)
Three words were in the post prior to the explanation. :)
I see we
have another moron
playing with crayon
on this thread.
Teenage daughter was
asked out by
a lesbian girl


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Happy weekend everyone.


Book Reviewer
I have pneumonia.


Says the girlfriend
been precisely there
Done exactly that
sadly your girlfriend
She knows nothing
John the Snow

Alita: Battle Angel
Spoiler Alert!! *gasp*
Toto gets his

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