Your day in 3 words

I was peckish
trusty egg banjo
was feeling brave
thai sweet chili
not too bad
Good morning everyone!
Enjoy your weekend.
Helping son and
Family move from
An attic flat
Five stair flights
I'm utterly fucked
At hotel now
Pint and burger
Then its bed
Sleep well tonight!!!!


In bed now
Asleep VERY soon
Night night all.
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Old garden shed
Dismantled and removed.

Destroyed, more accurate!
Remains of old
Rat nest underneath...

Now looking at
new garden fencing.

Any recommended fencers?
Parker too old
Broke a tooth
not sure how
also very strong
smell of cannabis
in hotel corridor
where I'm staying
manager is aware
and on case
he says local
police not interested
so he'll locate
they guilty party
throw them out
and charge them
one hundred quid
for cleaning room
Survived the weekend.
Happy Monday Everyone
Back to work
Although retired I
Shall be working.
Short meeting 1100.
Writing up notes
After lunch and
My little nap.
Send Invoice - and
Await some cash.
Sunny in Dorset
But quite cool.

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