Your day in 3 words

Southport or Southend?
Not much difference! ;-)


Book Reviewer
All we have
Left to do
At our age.
That's the trouble
with you youngsters.
Live for today
is the motto
and then waking
up tomorrow morning
is a bonus.
What's wrong with
that? If you
don't live in
the moment you
might be dead.
Try reading it
again, this time
taking note of
the full stop.
Donkey wallopers eh?
Doom and gloom
Don't have fun
Go on then
Buy the Centurion
You know you
Really want one
To relive your
Very happy youth
I did not
expect a septic
to understand our
language but you
surpass all with
your donkeywalloper rubbish.


Book Reviewer
I so disagree
Chill out man(lass)
Take every day
One day at
A leisurely pace
Enjoy one's self.
Sarcasm difficult to
Hear when using
Just three words!

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