Your day in 3 words

Only local shop
big sodding chain
as bad as
Expletive deleted Argos
Oh dear, dear.
Tried Local Department
Store? If indeed
One is local!!!
John Lewis or
M&S have sales
But I've never
Used for beds!
Pine World or
Oak Furniture Land
Depending on tastes.
(Don't eat bed!)
Do call in.... On way past .... We'll be here :D
Where are you?
We could divert
Hold a rally
In your garden!

Don't answer that!
Persec lovely persec!
Somewhere North Walish .... ;)
Will consult hubby.
May change route.
Prefer Shropshire, Flintshire, Cheshire
As a route
To the North.
carrying out training
or maybe not

its schrodingers course
in central london
unless it isn't

spineless fucking "manager"
New car battery.
Early birthday present.
Duck Bay Marina

Tomorrow for lunch
42 Wedding Anny.
You get less
For multiple murder.:(
My case for
Parole next week.:D
Son is paying.:cool:
Fillet steak methinks.
I deserve it.
In my opinion.

I'm still waiting
for the licence
to fucking expire
45 fecking years
last fecking Saturday

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