Your day in 3 words

Have admitted defeat.

help with biffs
getting beyond me
so called agency
getting a carer

Busload of nurses
springs to mind
sadly just one
It's not defeat.
It's getting help.

Surely one's enough?
Sorry, you are
talking about nursing.
Brilliant day today.
Christchurch Air Force
Museum then lunch
With offspring and
His lovely fiancee.
Then bugger damn
News from UK.
Dreaded phone call
Re the Mother-in-law.
Feck. Feck. Feck.
And another Feck.
Three months off
Two foreign holidays
Look after girlfriend
After her breakdown
Find job January
With any luck.
Sound ruddy marvellous.
Good on you.
Hope the MiL
news doesn't wreck
the rest of
your NZ adventure.
Touch and go.
On one hand
Frail old lady
Totally dependant on
Carers in home.
So blessed release.
On other hand
Emotional loss of
Much revered parent.
Nine months after
Being made redundant
Finishing refurb project
Alongside consultancy work.
Work beckons again....
Yayy! For the
Fabulous Lady Penelope!
Why, thank you.
Feeling slightly worried
About interview procedures ....
Be yourself. Don't
Exaggerate skills and
Ask intelligent questions.
Polish your shoes.
Not the best
of news today
because old friend
(same course 1957)
lost his wife
to dementia recently.
Now diagnosed with
cancer and failure
of one kidney.

Added to that
another old friend
lives in France
has gut problems
and will be
cut open Thursday.
If successful will
be in dock
for two weeks.
So why has
he sent emails
quoting necessary contacts
and wife's contact
phone and email.

Life's a bummer
but only sometimes.

It looks like
who ever wrote
this was right
but about my
younger friends.

"I was brought up
to respect my
elders, but now
it's getting difficult
to find one."