Your day in 3 words

That’s not true
But I will
Have a beer
In your absence
Iron man Triathlon
Weymouth on Sunday
Spectating not Partaking
Ah, then I'm
Glad I'm away
From traffic chaos!
See you there
Next year. Might
Even bring cake!
Back in Christchurch.
Schools karting event
I'm assisting offspring.
He's assisting school.
Makes me proud
He's giving help
Where once other
People helped him.
Soppy old Ma!
Niece,s Wedding today
Going to Dorset
On Saturday Morning
Wet and Windy
Is the forecast
Sunny on Monday
With some luck.
Enjoy the wedding
And the Ironman.
Have admitted defeat.

help with biffs
getting beyond me
so called agency
getting a carer

Busload of nurses
springs to mind
sadly just one
Feeling warm now
Found wooly pully
Moustaches and tiaras.

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