Your day in 3 words

NZ v Saffers
Rugby this evening.
After New Zealand
V England netball.
To the pub
We must go!!!
Bad night for
All black teams.
England won netball.
Saffers won rugby.
Faf de Klerk
Epic scrum half.
Excellent matches both.
Boys if you're
Old enough to
Grow a beard
It's time to
Put the skateboard
Back in toybox.
Please explain above.
Hundreds of bearded
Man children in
Queenstown. Some with
Manbuns as well.
All riding skateboards.
Fecking idiot wazzocks.
Eldest and missus
visiting this weekend
with their dog.
Dog's a nutter,
good dog :D
The difference between
Men and boys
Is the price
Of their toys
And, I suspect
Whether toys are
Self funded or
Gifted by parents!
still idiot wazzocks!
Queenstown is hipster
and manboy central.
Skateboards in summer,
snowboards in winter.
Fecking idiot wazzocks
is about right.
We will be
Moving on swiftly.
Party central in
Campsite at 0130.
We weren't invited!
Men with manbuns.
Should be shunned.
Maori culture innit?
Although why that
Means thirty year
Old white boys
Need them is
Beyond me. Just
As with dreadlocks
During my youth.

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