Your day in 3 words

I have broken
The dish washing
Machine. Oops. Never
Mind the Boss
Will be home
Later. Fix it
And obligatory lecture
About what did
Wrong. I know
All my fault
When I say
I have broken
It, I pulled
The top drawer
Out too far.
Buggrit. Flipping thing.
Well, hello Blondie.
Wall-e got stuck
in the mud.
Wider tracks being
fitted. Better to
put it on
the bottom and
take an angle
grinder to the
umbilical and be
done with it!
Loads of ticks
all over place.

Not seen any
yellow speckled moths.

Wife in hospital
on antibiotic drip,
bad case sepsis.
Chemotherapy to blame
hampers immune system.
Chemo stopped temporarily.
Not good week.
preparing for tomorrow,
working in a
famous secure Hospital
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