Your day in 3 words

Back to college.
Just for morning.
Learning sewing techniques.
Newish machine today.
Nearly finished cushion.
Next course: gardening.
Starting in August.
Feet still knackered.


Book Reviewer
Sick on shore
lost two stone
Trying chocolate milk
As a restorative

Fackin drugs...evil.
Two MOTs passed,
plus one service.
An expensive month.
At least you
Don't need any
Maintenance work done.
Next month there
Will be money
For beer spending.
Another sunny day.
Off to Weymouth!
(Only for haircut
Stupid town bans
Dogs from beach.)


Book Reviewer
Need bat boxes.
the furry little
gits have managed
to survive for
50m years but
some shortarse git
from the Council
in a cheap
suit and horrible
brown shoes says
"Bats. There are
bats in that
barn you wish
to demolish. So
You must put
up bat boxes.

For frocks sakes.
It looks like
it could be
oak before ash.
It's a worry
However, this morning
I awoke again.
that makes it
another good day.
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