Your day in 3 words

Airport at 03:30
That's local time
Lovely sunny day.
Hopefully another tomorrow.
Night night all.
Laundry day today.
Two loads done.
Reading a book.
John Ringo: "Ghost".
Very entertainingly implausible.
Very politically incorrect.
Crap work day

Useless wânkers everywhere
Pleasant day off :sunny:


Book Reviewer
Four new tyres
fitted on 4x4.
Lovely but expensive.

Hotter than yesterday
28°c in Naafuck
Farmer's tan underway.
You caught farmer?
Well done you!:clap::clap::applaud::clap::D:D:D:-?
Sold my lawnmower.
SNLR, now living
In a flat.
Lawns are over-rated.
Grass is what
my dinner eats.
Life too short
to be mowing :nod:
I now watch
Fit young chaps
Mow the grass
Outside the building.
Much better than
Working hard myself.:boogie:
Another dry day
which is warm
and very sunny.
No sand though.


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
knee seriously knackered
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