Your Darkest Fetish

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by billy.winky, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. I've known a lot of squaddies with weird sexual fetishes. Here's mine - can you do worse?

    I used to like my ex-girlfriend dressing up in like a pink silk party dress that came up to nearly the top of her thighs and with white panties underneath. We would decide that she had been naughty and, if spanking wasn't teaching her a proper lesson, I would give her a punishment enema. I would make her stand there with the stuff inside her and told her that if she spilt a drop of it before I gave her permission then I would confiscate her panties before taking her to the fair where all her little friends would be. After she could hold it no longer I would let her shit it all out and afterwards powder her arrse and tell her that she was daddy's favourite girl and I was only doing it to clear her system of the bad stuff.

    Also, sometimes I like to wank over anatomically correct dolls and make them act out scenes.

    Is that better :? :roll:
  2. yes, but it isn't YOUR fetish you m0ng........

    .......your fetish involves tramps, knoshing and getting your bloated hoop smashed in by ponies, along with posting utter drivel.
  3. Goths - fekin love em.
  4. I had a tug over a video of Bridget the midget getting bummed this afternoon if that helps
  5. If it's tubby goths then you're a connoisseur.
  6. Is there such a thing as a tubby goth? I thought they all refused to eat and drink their own p!ss and self harm?
  7. You need to get yourself down Camden market.
  8. I like to let women shit on my chest and then smear it all over. If I take them out for a vindaloo first, then it's like rubbing in some deep heat.

    The extra special ladies get to deficate in my mouth.
  9. Found two. In fact there appears to be loads out there: 8O

  10. Animal,vegetable or mineral?
  11. Think they have eaten all three
  12. As of 1030hrs today, it's 16 years olf pikey's for me.
  13. Spams at a guess. Male or female or somewhere in between?

  14. What on gods green earth is that thing on the right of picture?

    I thought chavs were bad but jeeezus thats some fooked up waste of space.
  15. [​IMG]

    OK, it is on a lead, but where is it's fu'cking muzzle?