Your chance to be editor for a day on BBC Radio Five Live

Heard them trailing this idea this morning. The successful candidate in an earlier session ran with as much 'good news' as he could find. From BBC page

Every Friday it's your turn to be the editor of the show. You decide a story or an issue you want us to cover. If you want to be the editor fill in the form below, or just send us an email with "My Story Idea" in the subject box.

Every Thursday we'll pick the three most popular suggestions and you vote for the one you want to hear on air.

Like all good editors you decide how you want the story told, the guests to you want to hear from and where you want us to send our reporters.

Call 0500 909 693, text us on 85058 or email
So, anyone got the time and the topic to do this justice ?. Perhaps someone with a beef about the general (increasing) ignorance within 'the meejah'/Parliament/civpop about the army.

Or maybe follow the career of a Tom who joined up/passed out when Bliar came to power, what he's been through, where he is now, and what the perks are (or financial penalties for serving, depending on your view-point). Hopefully someone who's out in A'stan or Iraq - story told by a relative/friend of course.

I suspect, however, that the BBC would be more likely to run with MDN pontificating on the benefits of hoop-dhobi.

There have been plenty of threads moaning that the public isn't getting the story - this is the chance for someone with a story to be heard.

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