Your Chance to Appear in Deidre's Photo Casebook

Discussion in 'Remembrance - Auctions forum' started by lauzie, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. Anyone brave enough to appear in Deidre's Photo Casebook in the Sun? Can't promise you will be the main star but you could be 'mate in pub', or 'angry dad'. Depends what you look like. And how much you pay! You cough up the readies, I promise to do the rest. Oh, you have to be able to get to London, which is where the shoots take place. So if you live in Kinloss ... no hard feelings, but bid for something else ...
  2. You ought to do one with the Princess Productions team.....that'd be mint!
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  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The birds are always fit in Deirdre's photo case book, in fact I'd probably do Deirdre.

  4. Funnily enough I was just reading the various posts re the Princess Production episode ... and thinking that posting on ARSSE could be code for 'how to get a bucket load of abuse' ... er ... how do I take that auction offer down ... hmm ...
  5. okay, Ravers has actually offered a tenner in the space of about 20 minutes, so the auction offer stands ...
  6. I'd love to partake in the casebook.

    Can I be the bloke who kicks the shite out of his girlfriend for being a slag?
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  7. £20 - here's hoping it's one of those stories about 'my boyfriend doesn't like me dressing like a slag'. Cue lots of girls dressed like slags...
  8. I smell wind up.
  9. I suppose Bravo_Bravo could appear after being beaten up by his missus again then the next day gets beaten up in a Road rage incident then by his work colleague after he nicks his medals and loses them. I know its a bit far fetched but the SCUM readers would believe it. Deidre might give him the shoulder to cry on he deserves but also might call him a whining ****.
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  10. It would help if we knew what Charity you were raising money for.
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  11. Look what thread it's in you daft twat.
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  12. images-39.jpeg

    Dear Deidre,

    My **** of a wife just can't grasp the rules of hide and seek. Can I stab her and marry my daughter?

    Thanks awfully.
  13. I promise it isn't a wind-up ... although I'm not sure what I have to do once the auction is over (Nov 12th?). I'll work it out. And thanks ever so for the £20 offer though I'm sure it's worth more ... The winner will def be in Deidre's Photo Casebook at some point in the future. I've given this as an auction prize many times for drunken City dinners etc, it's just the first time on this site. I sort of stumbled across the auction and thought 'why not? there must be lots of (ex) squaddies who would like to do this' ... so have faith ...
  14. Deirdre markintime wants to **** you.
  15. I hope that an Arrse maiden doesn't win the auction.........the Scum isn't a broadsheet.
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