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After a night in the local watering hole where about 15 of us "old sweats" got into a discussion about our military careers, I thought I would add this post and find out what the consensus was on this site.( hope I chose the right forum :? )

As our discussion progressed it would appear that those of us that had been retired 10 years or more and had a full career, agreed that it was a vocation,(not a vacation :!: :lol: ). Various reasons were stated as to why.

Thought this had the possibility of being a good thread, open up some serious discussion and also allow for some humour as well. (as the evening prgressed and we got sh*tfaced, some hilarious comments were made, so the potential on here is unlimited)

One fact that came out of the group when I asked how many knew of this site was , myself and 3 others, the remainder after hearing our 3 comments on the site, agreed they were going to check it out.
Dirty Sanchez said:
I never had the luxury of choice. It was join up for 3 yrs or go to borstal for 2.

As was the case, with 3 of the group I mentioned, however turned into a vocation for them, why did you stay :?:

or we just starting with humour :?: :lol:
Straight? of course I'm straight............I'm not in the SPS (and I'll have you know that my 'hoop' is 'narrow'......unlike most clerks!)
Dirty Sanchez said:
Straight? of course I'm straight............I'm not in the SPS (and I'll have you know that my 'hoop' is 'narrow'......unlike most clerks!)
:lol: asked for that, brain f*rt , forgot how carefull one has to be when phrasing comments on here, .............agree about the clerks though :lol:
Tigger - I'm sorry mate, it's gotta be a job. Sure, when I joined I did so with true altruistic motives. Wanted to 'do my bit', 'serve my country' - and actually see what it was like to be really sh1t scared (step forward a quick 4 monther in Crossmaglen). However, time passes and you have to say that what was once a pretty well oiled and honourable profession is now fast disappearing down a huge, amorphous and mediocre plug hole. Note the many other posts on this site - from parcels to Iraq, to expedient cuts to our forces, PC attitudes etc etc - and they're only the recent ones!

We're now in it for what we can get out of it. There are few people left who are genuinely motivated by pure selflessness. Don't get me wrong - there are some - and thank God for them. But that has almost all disappeared by the time these guys attain any kind of rank. The good ones do their bit and clear off.

It will be intersting to see what happens when the Govt do announce their cuts to HM Forces. Any sane person will understand it will be pure political expediency. Not military logic. How many of our Generals will stand up and be counted then?
Some fair points MPS, hear what your saying , must admit my eyes have been opened somewhat reading some of the threads on this site, and also between the lines of some others, maybe memory does fade as we get older and only remember the good times, what amazes me though is , its only 10 years since I retired (well almost 11), have things changed so fast and so drasticly :?: I am really trying to be objective ,maybe living abroad has not helped .
I have to agree. It is now viewed as a job by most. Since drawdown in the early 90's and chances of promotion for other ranks now having similar odds to winning the national lottery the army is suffering the problem which civvy industry has to compete with. Disillusionment.
The problem the army has is retention. If a soldier feels his career and prospects have been neglected then they will leave. The army then loses that soldier permanently. They haven't transferred to another branch or trade or arm, they've gone for ever. In civ-div an employer will bend over backwards to keep valued and talented employees from leaving, offering greater pay, more holidays, company car etc to keep this person who they have invested large sums of money in training, wages and other benefits from taking their talents elsewhere. I wonder if it is this wasteful attitude of senior officers to wilfully discard their expensive workforce which makes soldiers feel less valued and view the army as not a career choice but merely as a job, to be discarded when it's time to move on?

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