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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Me!_Amph!!, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Just got back from Easter Leave with my nice shiny new car (Ford S-Max).

    On returning, have now noticed that everyone in the Garrison now have one!!!

    What cars have you had that you wish you had not bought? and why?

    Ford Escort Mk III - Cost more on welding and metal plates than it did
    to run.
    Renault Scenic - FRENCH !!!!!!!!

    Ford S-Max - Coz everyone got one :x doh!!!!!!
  2. Saab 900 Turbo. First the electric heated seats caught fire , then the oil pump failed at 90+mph and the engine died. A fcuking money pit.
  3. September 1993 - brand new shiny metallic grey Ford Escort Ghia X 1.8i.

    No worries in Germany up to April 94 but four months in UK and joyrider cnuts broke into the fcuking thing 3 times, causing shiteloads of damage every time. Nearly caught the cnuts on the third time but the fcuking brick bounced off their windscreen.

    Couldn't leave it anywhere so sold it 1 year old, low mileage, at a loss and that is near impossible on a new BFG motor. Even when I advertised it I had phone calls from chav scum saying we know where you live and we're coming for your car. Fcuking bring it on boys said I and waited for the fcukers with an air rifle and an axe.

    Wnakers....fcuking hanging is too good for 'em.

    Only bought one new car since and had nothing but fcuking trouble with it........£50 on a shed from now on.
  4. Mk II Escort

    Whenever i used to drive it in the wet it would conk out as water would soak the electrics - not exactly the best choice in the UK.
  5. Fantastic car :)

    Shame you never got on with the allegro, I have a bit of a soft spot for them, that and the maxi!

    Editid to add: And now the post I quoted has vanished....

    ... or maby I just imagined it :/
  6. Ditto with the S-Max - You sure you're from Hameln? Not JHQ? At least IKEA trips are more stress free these days......
  7. Maxi -was that the beastie with the square steering wheel? Not for nothing was the Allegro called the all aggro. Ah British Leyland the halcyon days of British motor manufacture.
  8. Fiat 125 Sports Coupe. c. 1976.

    Nice car but . . .

    Girlfriends though I was made of money, and chose restaurants etc. accordingly.

    Stubb's Gazette beckoned, what with insurance premiums and restnt. bills.

    But a lot of fun.

    And then a BMW 2000 TILux Fraser Nash. Same problems, but higher pay - and it went like a rocket on rails. Dreamy handling. Doubled my money on it when I sold it, but I wish I had it today. £35,000-plus easily.
  9. Bought a Peugeot 405 MI-16 brand new back in 1990. Within 6 months the problems were -

    All alloy wheels cracked.
    Sun roof wouldn't shut properly.
    Paint was flakeing.
    Only fired on 3 cylinders a lot of the time.
    Had 3 new starter motors.
    Had 3 new heads.
    Shock absorbers knacked.
    Central locking was knacked.

    Am sure there was more but it was 17 years ago. Got it to go to Germany with. The Peugeot garage in Germany I was taking it to wasn't equiped for MI-16s and their engineers were not trained on them. I made an official complaint and Peugeot Germany said - nothing to do with them as I bought it in the UK. Peugeot UK said - nothing to do with them as I was now living in Germany. Catch 22 eh.

  10. :x clio - french

    as i picked it up all shiney and new from dealer after one week wait i look around and saw all the NEW F??KING CLIOS that the donky raping sh?t eater dealer didnt tell me about that were better and cheaper and lower insurance .Cnut :x :x

    1 month later some coffin-dodger wrote it and nearly me off
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I had a problem when I bought my 309GTI from Rhined car sales.Went back to Peterbourgh to pick the car up.Not ready,can you come back in 2 weeks.So I phoned my Dad.Handy when your Dad was senior management for Peugeot & was in the same masonic lodge as the MD! :D
    But worst car I had,MG Metro! POS rust bucket!
  12. Got home from work in Traz one day to find a Rover 3.5 V8 SDi outside the house. Whose is that I ask the missus? Ours! What? She'd lent her ex the cash to buy it (don't bother telling me!) and he'd defaulted on the repayments so she went around and took it back (the agreement was she'd kept it in her name until he'd paid it off).

    Automatic and went like shit off a shovel. 140 mph on the Autobahn with no problems and with BFG benz being the price it was it was a pleasure to drive. Central London to Swansea in 2 1/2 hrs at 0200 hrs - wish I could do that these days. Trouble was 12 -15 mpg in London; not good so time to go!

    Bonus - same engine bits as the landrovers. Quite handy!!
  13. Maxi was the one thats main selling point was that you could sleep in it! Actually saw a Maxi today parked next to the GD room at Normandy Bks, Sennelager.

    Allegro had the "Quartic" steering wheel, idea was quite sound, use the corners(!) to give you a little extra leverage (no power steering then!) and made it easier to see the instruments.


    ummmm, red velour!
  14. Nice car.

    I thought I'd bought one in Belfast - until the garage was severely remodelled courtesy of semtex the night before I was due to pay and collect. Twisted metal and a horrible mess.

    BMW TILux was off the axle-stands and back in action within 2-3 days.
  15. I remember those steering wheels - and another contemporary thing called the Logical Steering Device (LSD) which was no such thing . . .

    My first two Rangies had Maxi "flap"-type exterior door handles and - I think - interior latches, too. Rangie No 1 was eventually bought by an ex-MoD bloke who was going to do a govt. job in St. Helena, and shipped it out with him. The most exotic final resting-place of any car of mine.

    I have a dim recollection of someone like Clarkson saying that Maxi parts have been used in a huge number of other cars - almost a record, IIRC.