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Your Bulls*it New Year’s Resolution for 2021...


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This year I really am going to cut down on my work hours. I promised SWMBO that I would 2 years ago and that has been an epic fail. When you run your own business it's hard to tell people to bog off. However, this year, I'm going to be more selective about who I work for and work less.

As a side effect of working less, I'm going to exercise more and lose that 10lbs I've put on over lockdown, and hopefully 2 stones more.


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I'm going to be nicer to people especially DaManBugs and other assorted mentally deficient cockwombles.

No, I'm not really.


My resolution is to carry on waking up every morning. All the rest is gravy.
Alexa.........Play Northern Soul.........
what follows is me kicking the ******* soundbar. In her defence, she does no the Jam.
Me: “Alexa, set thermostat to 20”
Alexa: “I can’t find set thermostat to 20 in your music library”.

Me: “Alexa, lock doors”
Alexa: “I'd rather not answer that”

It mostly does what it is asked when it is asked though and I’d not be without it.
I have decided to do my best to spend more of the money my wife makes on frivolous unnecessary crap, and try to increase stocks of vital necessities.

Kill more critters. Have a beer every day. Do less work. Not drop dead. Go to some punk gigs. Tidy the shed /garage.
It is also time to lie to ourselves and come up with that time honored /honour“New Year’s Resolution...

Some people will want to get fit, or spend more time with family. Others will have some lofty goals like travel more or climb a mountain.

A few of you will try to do something even worse and be nicer to people, and I spose that is a nice sentiment.

I have decided to do my best to spend more of the money my wife makes on frivolous unnecessary crap, and try to increase stocks of vital necessities.

I might even try to be nicer to HectortheInspector and not view him as a leftist dirt bag...or not.

I feel like the fluff I posted is more than achievable, and easier to do then invest more in savings and the kids college funds.

What are you going to lie to yourselves about?

You said "College Fund". Are you actually an American?
I will not bait the site's bigly Team Trump.


War Hero
I resolve to not losing 7 stone, eating more healthily, exercising more, drinking less alcohol, continue not smerking tabs and, more importantly, steering clear of anyone with the Rona. I could be a candidate for Dead Pool 2022.
I still have DMS boots size 9m, Boots Combat 9m and Sea Boots (non-slip) also 9m. I don’t owe anyone any money.
Going off kilter just for a mo - during the time with 1 Regt AAC, one of the young refuellers taught me to say smerking tabs and drinkin bayer in case I ever went to wayayeland.:cool:


What exactly is the point of this thread? Is it not inappropriately titled if people use it to share genuine and sensible intentions or plans, such as getting fitter, working on relationships, or learning a new skill.

No - the thread title suggests it is for resolutions that are either unfeasible or that you have not intention of keeping.
I'm going to win the lotto, get myself a young trophy bint and bang her until I'm nothing but a husk of a man, and I croak happy.


Actually the money aspect was what kept me on the straight and narrow for the year I mentioned.

I calculated how much I was spending on "my quiet evening sup" (actually usually a bottle of wine or a substantial bit of a bottle of spirits) and adding it up over the week and getting a nasty surprise. So as a treat when I went a week without a drink I bought myself a silver coin or two. I would look online for interesting ones, not rare or exceptional value coins, just commemorative Canadian or Australian ones, or bog standard US Silver Eagles or Royal Mint Britannias, nothing a serious collector would look at but a nice wee pile nonetheless.

By the end of the year I had a jolly little stash of silver coins I could lift up and admire and cackle over like Scrooge McDuck, all of it still worth the money that I would have pissed away in the middle of the night if I had spent it on booze.

I am going to try that again, it's a good trick to reward yourself if you are trying to quit smoking or cutting back on booze, it reminds you of just how much money you waste on the bloody stuff.

I have a mint condition Jemima Puddleduck 50p in my wallet if you’re interested?


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