Your Bucket List.

I was watching a program about the Tower of London the other night, and decided that I really have to get down to London and go there. Then I started to think of all the others places that reek of British history that I have never visited, and so I started making a wee list. Said list is now getting a bit on the long side, and I had a bit of a laugh to myself when I realised that I was actually making out a Bucket list, and that maybe I should have started it and got cracking long before before now.
I have been lucky, I consider myself to have seen a fair bit, and done a few things as well, but there is so much out there still to see.
I have never been to the battle fields of Flanders where both my grandfathers served in the front line (Sheffield Pals), or to Suvla Bay Galipoli where one of them was sent as well. I want to take my wife the the Bayeux cemetry to visit her dads grave. My fathers younger Brother( Seaforths) and my mothers cousin are also buried there, so it would be a very worthwhile visit.
Anyhow, anyone else got a few places they would like to see before they go toes up?
The inside of Kylie's knickers.

And the Potala Palace.
Simple - Kate Beckinsdale
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