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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sad_thelad, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. Sitting here in my cold damp cell, I have been thinking, looking back at recent events.

    One area of thought invovled the Bounty, the bribary in which your government tries to encourage your reserve forces to stay, and to fight their battles with.

    My informants inform me that your bounty has not changed in recent years. Surely, having asked many of you to answer the call of arms, whether they should indeed increase it as a thank you!

    With an election looming, it would not surprise me in the least. If I recall correctly, the bounty went up in 1997 prior to the general election to try and brain wash you into voting your dictator back into power.

    On another point, though related, I wonder if TCH will start another ‘bounty payment’ to thank those members of the reserve forces who have answered the call to arms. All those members of the reserve forces who have qualified for one or more deployment medals to receive an additional bounty payment of say £200 per year. It would not be progressive as in two gongs would entitle the bearer to £400. After all if they have managed that number of FTRS days, then they will be entitled to the various FTRS payments.

    Whilst it would be a well earned sweetener from TCH to those who have answered the call to arms, it could have the effect of breeding resentment from those who really couldn't go for any reason, but were still valued member of their unit?

    I hope this wil casue resentment in your so called army.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    I think that just guaranteeing paying those who have qualified for it on an agreed date would be sufficient.

  3. I seem to remember the top rate going up only a couple of years ago....just as the call to arms was happening.
  4. Well, as someone who lost his bounty as a result of being mobilised I'm a bit cynical about the whole thing. I spent eight months of the training year (9 in total) mobilised, including Telic 1 (although we just called it Telic back then). Once back at my unit my friendly PSAO informed me that I hadn't done enough out of camp days to qualify - although he did admit that mobilisation could count as camp. Rules is rules, so TSK. I wasn't the only one.
  5. I have heard that the "10 months qualifies you for 15 days " rule might be permanently bent...

    Extra money for those deployable? why not?

    Although getting my bounty in the April after I qualified for it would be good too
  6. Didnt we get a payment of a couple of hundred quid for turning up at Chilwell?

    Seem to remember it almost covered the cost of all the extra kit I bought for our sojourn in the sandpit. :)

    Re: mobilisation not counting for days out of camp - all true but questions were asked in parliament last year and that little weasel Caplin (more like Charlie Chaplin given his knowledge of the forces) said he agreed with how awful it all was and that he would look into it right away. - so you can give up any hope of it changing! :roll:

    Think it was being reviewed in that financial assistance to reservists review.
  7. It has changed a bit now and each month spent in-country now counts as one days training, whoopy f***ing doo. On the plus side our unit wasn't quite as strict as he should have been at applying the rules and nobody missed out on their bounty.
  8. Sorry this really confuses me, surely op deployment equals out of camp training ? One month = one day ? What moron thought that one up ?!?!? :evil:

    Even as an ex-reg with no love of stabs (nah love you all really :wink:) I think that is extremly harsh

    But then again I was pulled off an operation deployment becuase, qoute, "I was too important for the up coming exercise" 8O
  9. It is a bit harsh really - someone who wasn't deployed would probably tip up at leqast 1 weekend a month giving them 2&1/2 days much less of a comitment than being away for 10 months
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Stiffed for the bounty again huh? Not like the TA to stiff its own hard workin lads? Every day in uniform is a day in uniform how feckin difficult is it for those scumbags to understand. You join to be paid full time wage for a part time job remember the ad? If being at Camp is more important than deploying then dont go, its the only language they understand. So I guess a weekend painting land rovers in the TAC might just get the extra training days for bounty but 6 months spitting sand and bullets doesnt come on folks, you can unelect these clowns! The one thing I enjoyed above all others about the TA was being able to say no thanks I've something on at the weekend! Shock the platoons senior cpl wont come out to play. Tough go recruit someone else and give them 2 weeks training.
  11. Seemed to recall similar happening to some of our bods... so they made up the extra days at the TAC doing 'PT' in the bar.... :D