Your best Unit and Worst

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sparkplug, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Seriously, what would you say has been your best and worst postings ? Any takers !
  2. 1DIV (worst)
    233Sig Sqn NI - the best
  3. 3 Div - Best

    16 Sigs - Worst
  4. Best - 3 Div
    Worst - Romeo tp (1% brain 99% ego - we're secret but we don't have a clue bullsh1t)
  5. Best - the 4 years at 9 Sigs :twisted: before the infantry started burying tour reps. :x

    Worst - last tour at 14 Sigs, over stretched, under manned, over deployed. Having sprogs posted straight out from Blandford :oops: still in their teens that couldn't pass the basic phys tests, did not understand rank and discipline and it is in the middle of FCUKin' nowhere.
  6. 2 Div c1970,s Great laugh and some good tradesmen

    11 Sigs egos and bullshit!
  7. Best - Every unit I have ever been to.

    Worst - There are no bad units in the Royal Corps, just bad peopel.
  8. You could well have a point there CF!:)
  9. Best - 7 Sigs in Krefel.

    Worst - Not really had a bad posting. Enjoyed them all in different ways for the past 15 years. A posting is what YOU make of it, not what it gives to you.
  10. Best a little 9 Sigs detachment at RAF 280SU Mount Troodos.

    Worst 30 Sigs Blandford
  11. Best also Mt Troodos

    Worst 14SR
  12. Best - 28 (BR) Sigs - Useta get plenty of abuse from mates in "proper" units in BAOR about how the place was practically a holiday camp. Had to admit, they weren't far wrong. And the problem with this was?
    Worst - JCUFI - The army still owe me the six months of my life that I spent there.
  13. Best 1div Verden 8)

    Worst 3div Bulford :x
  14. best Echo Troop NI (conditions were not great but work was awesome)

    worse JSSU Digby (conditions were good but job satifaction = zero)
  15. Best 8 Inf Londonderry

    Worst 4 Bde Osnabruck