Your best Unit and Worst

Best - the 4 years at 9 Sigs :twisted: before the infantry started burying tour reps. :x

Worst - last tour at 14 Sigs, over stretched, under manned, over deployed. Having sprogs posted straight out from Blandford :oops: still in their teens that couldn't pass the basic phys tests, did not understand rank and discipline and it is in the middle of FCUKin' nowhere.
Best - Every unit I have ever been to.

Worst - There are no bad units in the Royal Corps, just bad peopel.
Best - 7 Sigs in Krefel.

Worst - Not really had a bad posting. Enjoyed them all in different ways for the past 15 years. A posting is what YOU make of it, not what it gives to you.
Best a little 9 Sigs detachment at RAF 280SU Mount Troodos.

Worst 30 Sigs Blandford
Best - 28 (BR) Sigs - Useta get plenty of abuse from mates in "proper" units in BAOR about how the place was practically a holiday camp. Had to admit, they weren't far wrong. And the problem with this was?
Worst - JCUFI - The army still owe me the six months of my life that I spent there.
best Echo Troop NI (conditions were not great but work was awesome)

worse JSSU Digby (conditions were good but job satifaction = zero)
Nope you definitely get a posting order to go to JSSU (FI) as you have to get posted again to leave it.

I was enroute to 14, got posting changed to JSSU (FI) then on completion got posted to 225.

I wonder if people still eat off the BBQ behind the squirrel I had built out of bricks that people used to piss on??
Well i went out there briefly last month for a two week jolly and no-one was eating of the BBQ behind the squirrel then, just had food shipped up from the mess when the squirrel was open. Mind you it was the depths of winter so that may explain it.
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