Your Best Shag!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Got thinking over what my best shag has ever been.
    Was at College back in the 90's with a girly horsey student.
    Lasted about 6 months before we went are separate ways.
  2. Who's running the book on the first one to say "Your Mum"?
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  3. I was going to say my sister, but I'd be lying.

    She was rubbish.
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  4. Six months,you are a German stud,lying bastard,no one lasts more than 10 minutes
  5. A Radiographer from Poole General, we went down Rockley Park after blagging her husband and did beastly things to each other a couple of days after sucking each others faces off down the Quay, her energy was awesome and she directed the fuck like a pro. I was 20 and she was 35 and did half marathons for fun. I wasn't the only booty firing it up her, she was banging an SBS chap doing a stint in A and E and a certain TC of the rubber dagger persuasion paid her to flush away an unexpected nipper. Like fucking Eastenders down-there sometimes. Looks bloody hanging now on LinkedIn though.
  6. I thought was ok, but your Gran was a lot better. I'll revisit your sister to see if your Gran's taught her a few tricks, like I told her to.
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  7. Oh hard one, woman in Basingstoke, she was just dirty and gave the best BJ, or the nurse in GUZ who I spent a long winter with with whilst in refit. Been a few flip flops in my time, but never rematches. Nope bollex, grateful to them all for allowing me to spill me beans.
  8. Well you said it snail!
    But yes this is the naafi so have to expect some incoming!
  9. I got the fucking of my life on the 3rd January 1989.

    I became a Junior Leader.
  10. 'Oh hard one',quite so, for best results.
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  11. Found myself single for a couple of months last year, went out with the lads & picked up a proper milfy woman a few years older than me (early 30's), it was one of those anything goes one nighters with her as we'd both had a few drinks, shagged her in every position we could think of all over my mates flat, it was fucking awesome!
    Back when I was 19/20 I was friends with a lass who was reasonably fit but a bit chavvy, we were both single but every saturday night after being out we always ended up in the sack with each other, she was filthy in bed & gave the best blowjob I've ever had! We had a round two a few years back after bumping into each other on a night out, I assumed she was still single but found out later she's married to a local nutter, oh well fuck it we never got found out!
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  12. Gone from one extreme to the other over the years, Pinky was ok after 12 pints and a big glug of rum, Victoria Pendleton's mum was ok'ish, took the brat everywhere with her though..

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  13. Several years older than me and one hell of a teacher !!
  14. You have now!! that was my sister in law, her hubby "mad dog" gets out of broadmoor tomorrow, on his way pal!!
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  15. Was shagging a young thing behind a low wall in a field, mother came and watched for a while, then said baaaa and wandered off
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